Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 Review - Punk and Lizard

Punk and Lizard writes:"Upon first sight, the beautifully crafted design certainly does look next gen and definitely fits in line with the ‘For the Players’ theme. These could not be mistaken for your Sennheiser’s DJ set as they are very in line with PS4 in terms of style."

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Mr_cheese1657d ago

Really need to get a set of these.

minimur121657d ago

they're awesome, been using them on my PS3 and laptop aswell :) just having to plug the USB in is brilliant

ZodTheRipper1657d ago

I got mine for 2 weeks now and they're definately a 9/10.
For this price I recommend them to every PS3/PS4 user. (Don't forget that they also work flawlessvwith PC and PS Vita)

minimur121657d ago

The only annoyance I had was when you pick the hedset up by the earcuff/frame by earcuff it collapses into itself,so you gotta hold it by the top. but eh, little s**t like that's nothing being as I'll be wearing it most the time.

When my sister first saw it charging, she tried putting it on and said 'this cables a bit short?!?!?!'


emad-E-three1657d ago

Go for 'em you won't regret, I have them for over a week now and i'm in love! With and awesome sound quality (you'll start hearing sounds you probably never did) and such a comfort headset + 9 hours of battery life all I can say they are Worthy of me money ;)

Meltic1657d ago

im buying this just Before infamous releases :D. I wanna hear the Powers inside my ears lol

GentlemenRUs1657d ago

I'm with you on that one! Late-night gaming without waking up the neighbours with the boom of the sub :P

BABY-JEDI1657d ago

Just want to say, this headset is pretty awesome sounding & is literally plug dongle in switch on & play. Fantastic surround sound. Well done Sony

GentlemenRUs1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Grabbed myself some from Amazon just in time, Seems like they are running out of stock for them :P

Not only that, But they are universal too so a great all-in-one purchase.

It might have set me back £95 but for for what I have been hearing in reviews and and such these are just worth it!

MAULxx1657d ago

I wonder, how do these compare to the Skull Candy Rocknation?
I've been plugging in my Rock nation set into the PS4 controller when I need them. I mostly use my HT.

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The story is too old to be commented.