Titanfail: Why cancelling the SA launch is the right decision

Last week South African gamers had all their pre-orders for Titanfall cancelled by Origin and retailers. This sparked an outcry from the community.

MWEB GameZone suggests that EA made exactly the right move in cancelling Titanfall in South Africa. This is why

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HanCilliers1537d ago

So rather safe than sorry? Why wasn't this cancelled earlier then, sparing customers and retailers a lot of hassle. Also, the way EA notified the public was exceptionally poor - a Facebook post? Dafaq?

BiggCMan1537d ago

This is an unfortunate circumstance of seeing more and more online only games these days :/ That really sucks for those people. See I take this as

"well South Africa is not important enough to us, so we can just cancel it so they don't start complaining about connection issues"

If America's average speed was much lower than their preferred speed, they would never do something like this because they are getting most of their sales here. What a load of bull, they don't care for other markets aside from NA and maybe some of EU.

GabeSA1537d ago

Feeble reasoning but we aren't scaled as a country enough to make a change to this decision. We need to accept it and move on.

Choc_Salties1537d ago

Im disappointed with the failure to launch issue, but I'm guessing the pings said so. It played really well regardless. I've got a funny feeling that we'll see Titanfall coming out closer to the local release of the XBox One, when that finally launches around here. The Infrastructure that Titanfall uses for multiplayer is surprisingly similar to XBox One's backend stuff...

NYC_Gamer1537d ago

EA should have been made this known earlier and not at the last minute when Titanfall is about to be released

OrangePowerz1537d ago

Because there is no server center nearby from MS.

HanCilliers1537d ago

MWEB GameZone has the infrastructure to host it