Dark Souls 2 Analysis | Best and Worst

"With From Software’s sequel to the grim Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, launching soon, gamers may get a bit… frightened. After playing the first one, I told myself that I will be prepared for the sequel, but here I am, trembling in both excitement but also fear, as I know that nothing could prepare me for the journey I am about the embark upon. Those of you who have played other Souls games in the past know what I’m talking about, but if you’re a total newcomer – you’re in for a treat. So I thought that it would be a good idea to highlight the title’s qualities and also its flaws, mostly about what has changed compared to the previous game in the series."

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nucky641621d ago

soul farmers aren't gonna like enemies permanently dying off after being killed a certain amount of times.

LAWSON721621d ago

Well considering shop supplies are limited they have a pretty good reason to be. Dont get me wrong I am real excited but those two sound like a bad combo.

Brazz1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

souls isn't a problem in dark souls... for real, i have characters whit more than 20.000.000 soul unused because when you get in 100-135 (if you have a good build) your character is in a perfect level for multiplayer and whit more than enough power to destroy everything ins

Edit: soul farming is just stupid, if you go and play normaly, upgrading your equips, leveling up and whit no careless deaths that make you lose like 70.000 souls in early game, you will be fine.

nucky641621d ago

thanks for stating the obvious about souls - anyone who plays the games and is any good understands this.....and of course soul farming is stupid - but many people do it - just look at how many "soul farming" vids there are on youtube.

Grave1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Pretty sure there are items you have to consume/use? that can get the enemies to respawn, but they'll be tougher. I like the idea. Makes farming more of a challenge.

Not-A-Cat1621d ago

I think the best way of obtaining souls would be killing other players, making pvp more important and since there are now dedicated servers it will be great.

No more lag-stabs :D

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Tdmd1621d ago

He missed a big one: hollows can be invaded now.

Psychotica1621d ago

I talked to someone streaming it and he said there are no Black Knights which is kind of disappointing. It used to send chills up my spine to hear them stomping down the hall.