Thoughts on the Final Fantasy XIV Beta – Final Steps (part 3)

IM PLAYIN concludes its look at the Final Fantasy XIV beta.

"The Final Fantasy XIV beta on the PS4 ended March 3rd, at 08:00 GMT. So now I’m back to sitting here, staring at my PS4, Xbox 360, PC and a hundred other gadgets, surrounded by literally hundreds of games and even more hidden away on hard drives wondering what to play next. And the simple fact is I just want to press that little button on my PS4 Dual Shock, whisper “PlayStation, Final Fantasy, Start” into my headset (I play late at night so don’t want to disturb the cats) and get right back into leveling my Gladiator, unlocking a Retainer so I can store all my stacks of Tin, Copper and Iron Ores that I’d been collecting and then cracking on with more rock breaking on my Miner."

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Fixay1593d ago

beta was great in my opinion. I got pretty addicted and reached teh level cap in all the classes I could play.

Not sure if I'd be willing to pay the monthly subscription though.

Prototype_79L1593d ago

Due to the level cap you have seen nothing from the game, the real challenge begins when you finish the story, and have acces to 8 player raids. For your monthly subscription you will get quality content i can assure you, playing for 5 month now, i hav a iLv88 Paladin and a iLv73 White mage. And at the end of march comes the next HUGE addition to the game.