South Park Xbox 360 Edges Out PS3 Version, While Thief on PS4 Keeps Outselling Xbox One in UK

Chart-Track just posted last week’s sales charts for games in the UK and South Park: The Stick of Truth debuts at number one with the Xbox 360 version and second with the PS3 version.

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B-radical1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I got south park on pc such a great game good to see it doing well

Captain Qwark 91619d ago

agreed. its a 10/10 for me. i dont care which system it sells the most on as long as it sells well period. could be the start of a great franchise

badboy7761619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

For Starters 360 owners have nothing to play. Where as PS3 owners have amazing AAA Exclusives. Also PS+!!!

Captain Qwark 91619d ago


just shut up lol who the hell cares. dont like 360, keep it to yourself. wasting time trolling isnt changing anyones mind

minimur121619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

finished it like an hour ago,it really helps if you watch the TV series aswell being as there's a ridiculous amount of references to it, I've laughed multiple times about them it's brilliant, especially manbearpig with Al Gore (are you an al-gorian?!)

I did find it pretty laggy, which annoyed me a bit but still, it was effin awesome.


360 have plenty to play.... Civ: Revolution for one.
that's a joke.
But honestly speaking, who cares?

RedCloud881619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Also bought the pc version. Game is great and the level of fan service is incredible. Would love to see some legit add on content.

B-radical1618d ago

Yes they can support this with GBs of story add ons i would buy it the dlc for sure!

Kivespussi1619d ago

Not only it's pure fun as far as I've played it (douchebag is only about level 4) but it's also one of the few good games based on tv shows, movies or books. Anyone played that rambo game? GOD THAT WAS TERRIBLE!

Mr Pumblechook1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Figures sound right. In the UK multi platforms almost always sell more on 360 then PS3 - a big part of this was that the PS3 was released some SEVENTEEN MONTHS after the 360.

But with the new gen PS4 is already become established as the better selling console and this is with stock still being very hard to find. Come late April when new shipments arrive on UK shores it is expected that Sony will be killing it.

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Kivespussi1619d ago

For south park? Why? It would be pretty much the same since it's not really that graphically demanding

BattleTorn1619d ago

That was my mentality. I wasn't willing to pay full retail for a last gen game when I'm paying the same for Titanfall the next week.

But boy am I glad someone convinced me!!

South Park is amazing! Doesn't matter what system you play it on!

shysun1618d ago

I dont have a PS3 that's why! I gave it to my son! I dont care about the graphical up grade I just want to play the damn PS4 version please!

Fishy Fingers1619d ago

Been playing it last night, even better than this South Park fanboy could of hoped for.

WeAreLegion1619d ago

So good. I'm glad we finally got a decent South Park game.

Kivespussi1619d ago

Best license game since The Walking Dead (the better one. That 'other' was terrible)

WeAreLegion1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Sorry. That's what I meant. Incredible game. And yes, Survival Instinct sucked.

Kribwalker1619d ago

I see 8 of top 10 being xbox games and 3 of those being Xbox one. Thief PS4 might be out selling Xbox one version, but maybe because their was more choice on Xbox one the last couple weeks with plants vs zombies (which is fantastic) also coming out and selling well.

Ravenor1619d ago

Or you know Thief wasn't fantastic coupled with more choices.

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