New Major Battlefield 4 Update rolling out now on the Xbox One

New Battlefield 4 update rolling out now on the Xbox One, Dice has revealed on Battlelog.

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PONTIAC08G8GT1625d ago

Too bad it's going to be a little late. BF is going to see a big drop in X1 players over the next few weeks, especially tomorrow thanks to TF.

n4rc1625d ago

I'm one of them.. Lol

I actually really like bf4.. Its just gotten old.. I have premium so I'll jump back on for each dlc pack to check it out.. But daily playing is over for me

PONTIAC08G8GT1625d ago

After I played the TF BETA, I tried to play BF. Played two super laggy matches and got killed by people with 0 health. Game is going to collect some dust. I just can't stand the amount of BS that game has.

Dudebro901625d ago

Same here. After play tf, bf4 felt unplayable.

Farmed a few achievements, traded it and never looked back.

whitefang19881625d ago

Funny I played the beta and got bored logged off and went on bf on ps4 and never thought about titan fall again. The new update for bf4 on ps4 has made a dramatic improvement so hopefully people on x1 will see a difference too.

n4rc1625d ago

I get bored of everything.. Lol

Bf4 has been my only fps since November.. So its getting a bit boring, but that's not really the games fault.. I feel I got my $120 out of it

I'll play the crap out of titanfall for a few months and start playing something else.. Its always how it goes

How good it was will determine if I get the next installment.. And I'll get bf5 because I love bf games lol

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Lol, true. I really enjoyed the TF Beta but BF is my home! I know it has plenty of glitches and bugs but when it works it is amazing and always has been, Respawn have some big shoes to fill for me to spend more time on TF, It will be my Fast Paced fix! ;)

malokevi1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

TF will augment BF4, not replace it. I'll be playing both for a long time to come.

Always happy for more updates. Wish I could see the patch notes, but the link is broken, so I'll check it out in the in-game battlelog. Plus, with Naval Strike coming soon, I think lots of people will still be playing Battlefield.

BF/Titanfall = Apples/oranges, imo

Ashby_JC1625d ago

Yes your right...there is going to be a significant drop in BF4 over the next few weeks.

I havent been playing much lately. Jumped on PVZ:GW. Next up titanfall.

Ill do my best to keep playing BF4 but when new games hit I usually dont go back to other games.

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Meatyboy1625d ago

They should really fix the game before releasing all these updates!!

Naga1625d ago

... You realize that's largely what this update is meant to do, right?

Az1mov1625d ago

you realise that it didn't fix shit on PS4 a week ago. Rubber banding and lag still there on Conquest large

Naga1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

@ Az1mov

Yes. I realize that. Feel free to read my comment below where I bemoan the laggy glitchfest the game has become.

What's your point? This update is at least *meant* to fix these problems. Whether it does or not is a different matter, as I was responding to Meatyboy who - I can only assume - seems to think this update is only for balancing and gaming tweaks, which it isn't (if you read the actual article).

Az1mov1625d ago

Nothing against what you said; my point is: the lag and rubber banding is top priority. balancing comes later in my opinion. I stopped playing 2 weeks ago as I started to get angry at all the glitches the game has been shipped with. sorry if I sounded a bit harsh :)

Meatyboy1625d ago

Joking doesn't go down well on n4g :0 this is serious guys!

Naga1625d ago

There are far too many idiots who say things like that in all seriousness for us to just presume you're making a joke.

Elit3Nick1625d ago

Agree, never underestimate the internet's stupidity

ZombieDust1625d ago

Joking and saying positive things about the x1 are a big no no on here.

And in reply to article:

Anyways, on topic... So unless TF fails BF4 will be a miss this time around for me. Was going to be a launch purchase for me but waited on going next gen due to BF being the only launch game evem remotely interesting me and it had to many problems so I waited to go next gen. So PERSONALLY its to little, to late. But hey BF5 will be out in 7 months and likely be the same game again so I wont truely miss out.

RAGE911625d ago

It's slowly getting better

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hankmoody1625d ago

I can't even bring myself to play it.

Naga1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I hear you, man. I tried giving it another shot the other day, and it was brutal. After 30 minutes of non-stop lag and glitch-ridden frustration, I just turned it off. With Titanfall coming out tomorrow, I don't know when I'll go back.

BX811625d ago

I hear that. I got out to shoot a sniper. 5 pistol rnds to the chest and he looks at me transitions to his pistol and shoots me. Lol he still had 100% health. Its the only season pass I regret getting. On xb1

76erz241625d ago

Perfect Timing Dice! lol

tiremfej1625d ago

I reset my router. I have no issues what so ever with lag...Im just saying. The game plays well for me, of course it isn't is very good though!

Dudebro901625d ago

That's not the point. A launch game shouldn't take 3-4 months to fix.

Its obvious bf4 was shipped in a, "as long as it loads and somewhat works" state.

EA knew it was broken but shipped it anyway since they couldn't delay it since another bf game is coming this year.

tiremfej1625d ago

My point is, the game works for me. I will continue to play it. I'm not sure what your issue is "Dudebroe90" with me having a working game.

If you can do better apply to work for Dice.

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