How PC Gamers benefit from next-gen Consoles

Next-Gen consoles bring along benefits to the pc gamer community. Better graphics and 4K resolutions were never our new year resolutions before.

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ArbitorChief1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

We're already seeing next gen consoles hold back gaming, just look at Watch Dogs and how much it was downgraded after being pprted to PS4 compared to E3 2012 where Watch Dogs was developed for PCs.

svoulis1658d ago

It hold it back to an extent yes. Because of Shared resources and development time I agree. That being said, If it weren't for consoles most of those AAA titles wouldn't even make an appearance on PC in the first place. Publishers wouldn't take that big of a risk if it was PC only.

That's how its been for quite a while now. Publishers want to capitalize on as much profit as possible, the more platforms a game sells on the more they make if they can keep development for said title in the same time frame.

ooquis1657d ago

I agree. The master Race always going on about how their platform is the best and if so, where are the mind blowing games??? U get $2000 rigs that output 6TFlops....where's the CGI games that can crush the $399 console?NOTHING!They only have what consoles have with higher texture and res, but still the same games. And this might sound like a fanboy statement: Ps3 forced all developers to start working on mutli core CPU tech. It was and now is the future.

Razputin1657d ago

I don't agree.

What AAA titles are you talking about?

The only AAA titles consoles have are first party titles.

I have a PS3 and Xbox 360, and there is an extremely slim chance I will get the new consoles.

Real AAA titles started on PC and moved to console. Just looking at the comparison of Crysis solidifies me maintaining on PC gaming.

Again, with the exception of first party titles from Sony and MS, PC gaming gets the good titles.

In the years to come when lets say Uncharted 4 comes out or even Infamous releasing soon, I'm not mad its not coming out for PC. I would love to see it on PC because those games will look better on my PC, but I have a laundry list of games on Steam alone, let alone on disk.

Developers and Publishers are seeing the light on PC and taking note that people are buying their games. Yes, people do pirate them, but I understand not everyone can afford to buy 3-4 $50-60 titles every month or even in a span of a few months. But they aren't seeing that as a risk or loss, they are taking not of the profit to come.

Kojima said he would love to bring MGSV to PC, MGS4 was pretty much the only reason I even wanted a PS4. Final Fantasy XIV can see a possible PC release.

These new consoles will be out dated in a year or so.

DirectX 12 is coming out, new hardware is churned out every few months, and we will only push limits on PC.

Look at a few articles already saying we're using "X" console to its limit already.

starchild1657d ago

All platforms contribute to these games getting made. Multiplatform games are the lifeblood of the industry. If multiplats disappeared Sony and Microsoft couldn't sell their consoles on first party games alone. People wouldn't spend several hundred dollars just for a handful of games.

PCs benefit consoles, consoles benefit PCs, each console benefits the others. It's all intertwined.

svoulis1657d ago


Really? You want to throw the first Crysis into the Mix. Why not any recent games that are AAA started out on PC and made its way to....Oh wait. There really aren't any.

It has NOTHING todo with your Master Race opinion, It has nothing to do with your 3K+ rig. IT has to do with BUSINESS. The Consoles won't tap out the way you think they will.

Lets pretend you know something about how the engines work on the PS4. You have to assume that devs will TWEAK the engine to OPTIMIZE the hardware. The software is what drives the hardware, wanna know how. Uninstall your drivers for your graphics card. DO IT and play a game. Show me how good it runs IF at all. This will prove that tweaks and optimization are what make things work/run/look and play better.

If a AAA game is being made that isn't first party, You will be hard pressed to try and find it NOT coming out on at least ONE console.

This is proven simply by you using Crysis as an example. That is probably the last game you can or anyone else for that matter remember that was ported AFTER the fact.

You don't have to justify the purchase of a 3000$ PC that can play BF4 slightly better looking than a 399$ console. It's cool. Just like you have to realize DEVS SHARE ASSETS across platforms to cut DEV time. Resulting in games not looking vastly different from one to the other.

Publishers would be committing suicide betting on PC to sell the games alone, especially with how much pirating occurs on PC.

How you enjoy that bit o' knowledge.

webeblazing1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

he says it isnt but hypes up the witcher 3, on ps4. we can go on about outlast, and a ton of other games people downplay like your doing, but when it get port its the greatest thing sincel sliced bread. constant asking for dayz, arma, rust, i could keep going. most of yall games are going to be pc ports.

you taking about where are these mind blowing games but fail to realize that pc games has been doing what your bragging about for the longest. now suddenly new consoles out people for the was saying the same exact thing in the middle of last gen. i even remember people saying that the witcher wasnt that immpresive now its on you console now the witcher2 gfx was amazing and the game was great. huh. we can go on for days. you loved battlefield. people act like amnesia isnt good but want the devs next game. huh???

people say the gap in gfx between ps4 and xbone is great because frame rate and res. but downplay higher frame rate, res, cleaner picture, better textures, way better aa, improved gfx effects. huh??? hypocrites to the fullest. people become blind and ignorant as soon as people state that their console isnt the best option out there.

and games constantly sell on pc. if a dev chooses to put a game on pc only thats their choice. if its good it will sell like it always do. suicide putting a game on pc to sell. do you hear yourself. so what has been happening for all these year.

full of contradictions

svoulis1657d ago


Look at statistics for game sales before you try and pretend you even know what you're talking about. For starters.

"you taking about where are these mind blowing games but fail to realize that pc games has been doing what your bragging about for the longest."

The idea is that they are a lot closer in terms of what you get than THEY USE TO BE. Did you even read the article? Yes at a time PC gaming was night and day to console gaming, now we get the same games with minor differences on premium hardware.

Try running BF4 on a 400$ PC complete. Do it, tell me the results. Thanks

and games constantly sell on pc. if a dev chooses to put a game on pc only thats their choice. if its good it will sell like it always do. suicide putting a game on pc to sell. do you hear yourself. so what has been happening for all these year. "

Once again, name AAA games that are PC only please that are out in the past 5 years. Thanks.

You tend to use FANBOY arguments as actual facts. People spout nonsense from all sides of the field, including PC. Which blows my mind cause In my opinion PC vs Console is a pretty dumb argument. Please have some proof that games sell better on PC than on a console. Please I'd love to see this. You have no proof to back up your claims. When the proof I have is all over the internet. Look at publishers, they aren't going to take that risk. Look at Epic who decided NOT TO port Gears of War after the first one ON PC because of the piracy issues that the PC version encountered, Or Halo for that matter.

You say Contradictions when I am not contradicting anything. Once again you are feeding fanboy nonsense to facts. So if anything you are being delusional in thinking that anything you just wasted your time typing actually matters.

Cause at the END OF THE DAY Publishers want MONEY. They aren't going to care what you or I think. It's about how much volume they can get. You think EA is happy about the deal with MS after Titanfall? You think they aren't kicking themselves in the ass for knowing that another 6 million + people could be picking up the game.

Its all about business, that is what this industry thrives on. Just face the fact please. Games do look better on Expensive PCs but not by much really. Not to warrant a purchase of 400$ vs 2000$ Not to get better AA and framerate. I have a i7 3770k 2x GTX680's . I game on py PC a lot, doesn't mean im in denial about how the industry works.

learn ya something.

christrules00411657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

You don't need a $2000 pc to beat out the Xbox One or PS4 though. The gtx 750ti in an old computer can beat it out. $150 gpu lol. Those articles are a while back.

I just built a computer with a 4gb gtx 760, 750 watt power supply, cooler master hyper 212 evo, 8gb gskill ripjaw ddr3 ram, asus z87-a motherboard and all the other accessories for under $1300 canadian. In USD that would run about $1050 to $1150 though. At 900p it beats out battlefield 4 on the ps4 easily. Even runs pretty good 1080p no aa.

The thing I love about pc over consoles is if I can't run a game maxed out when I upgrade my rig I can go back and crank everything to max settings. Consoles is just stuck where it's at.

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I_am_Batman1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Watch Dogs is a Cross gen title. If anything the PS3 and Xbox 360 are holding it back.

Edit: It's also the fact that they're developing the game for 6 platforms (PC, PS4, X1, Wii-U, PS3, Xbox 360) that probably forced them to make compromises. Most cross-gen titles turned out pretty bad and unoptimized on all platforms (BF4, CoD:G, Thief)

SuperBlur1657d ago

i don't see that huge downgrade you complain about

xJumpManx1657d ago

You know if PC fans were like sony fans all you would ever read about was how the PS4 holds back the PC and its the PS4's fault if the pc ever gets bad ports since its so underpowered compared PCs.

SteamPowered1657d ago

You have a fantastic avatar.

webeblazing1657d ago

dont say that, theyre gonna get you.

xJumpManx1657d ago

I have 2 bubbles left they cant do much more than they already have.

Goro1657d ago

Why show a prototype PS4 in the picture when we all know what the real one looks like...


PS4 and XBONE are not the power houses people think they are. The PS4 vs XBONE power debate is a joke. 1080P at 30 FPS on the PS4 in nothing to be happy about people. I own PS4 PS3 PS2 Xbox, Xbox 360 Wii Wii u Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis Nintendo DS PSP and Vita. A gaming laptop with a GTX 670MX in it and a over-clocked I7 with a GTX 780 GHZ. I am not bragging I work hard for my money and I put almost all of my extra money in to Games as it is my number one hobby six months of the year when its frozen and snowy out side in Canada. There is almost no Visible difference between PS4 and XBONE. I am prob going to buy a XBONE when I get some Overtime at work. You have to play a game for the fun of it. If you want to be a graphic elitist then drop that PS4 and pick up dual GTX 780 TI's or a HD 7990 and kick it. Other wise enjoy the ride and drop the stupidity.

kewlkat0071657d ago

Consoles will hold back that there are on the similar architecture. Especially when getting the same games.

Consoles can no longer hide behind custom architecture where it was taking years to learn how to harness.

worldwidegaming1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Wonderful. I wonder how long it will take people to accept this harsh reality.

Qrphe1657d ago

How was this any different than the original Xbox that was x86 based and was built off of pretty much PC components? It also took years to see graphical quality of games such as the cbronicles or Riddick or Conker on that system.

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