‘Talking about resolutions, frame rates or specs for unfinished games is pointless’ – CD Projekt RED

games™ recently had the opportunity to talk to speak to Michał Krzemiński, Senior Art Producer at CD Projekt RED, about upcoming release The Witcher 3.

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Hugodastrevas1661d ago

Yeah why talk about stuff like that? only because the customers want to talk about it? pfff f*ck that...

Volkama1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

It's a pretty small subset of customers that want to know, and they generally only want to know that detail for destructive purposes ("HA HA YOUR VERSION IS WORSE THAN MINE").

Makes sense not to talk about it early. Unless the answer is set, and you just want to get that conversation over and done with.

cozomel1661d ago

And its an even smaller subset of customers that dont wanna know. Must people that dont want to know are fanboys afraid of the fact it or will be lower res than their competitor. Otherwise most customers just assume they are getting the higher res. If res and graphics dont matter than just get the game on PS3/360, why spend $400/$500 on a new system if graphics dont matter and the older systems have way more games

Volkama1661d ago

You are delusional if you believe that the majority of people follow the likes of N4G to keep abreast of the resolutions of up-coming games.

Also, at no point did I say graphics and resolution don't matter. I'd have to be more delusional than you are to have the PC that I have if I didn't care about these details myself.

TheRedButterfly1661d ago


… wow. Could you have missed the point any more than you did?

The average consumer (which we are NOT) couldn't give 2 sh*ts about whether or not the version that they're picking up has more or less p(s) than the alternate platform's version.

And assuming that people only buy new hardware for the resolution it outputs? Oh please. You bought your PS4 for the games it plays - not the resolution it outputs them at.

I can (almost) guarantee you that if ND announced TLOU 2 as a PS4 exclusive, but it ran at 720p/60fps, then there would still be a few people who picked up a new console. I mean, I could be wrong, but I'm not.

FriedGoat1661d ago

Or.. someone has both consoles and want's to know which is the better version to go for?

3-4-51661d ago

The thing is, talking about the onyl stuff we can talk about until more info is out there, is what keeps your game in the mouths and on the minds of gamers.

If we don't talk, we forget, and when we forget about your game, we don't buy it ect...

gamesTM_dom1661d ago

It's an interesting response to the question, but then - imagine being a developer at the moment: you've sunk 100s of hours into creating a game that has all these features, this amazing tech, this innovation you want to talk about, and you end up having all these journalists approach you asking 'what's the resolution?'

It's a bit like asking the actresses about their dresses on the Oscar red carpet they're there to be rewarded for the hard work they've put into their craft, not chat nonsense about that clingy red halterneck they're wearing (or something, I don't know about dresses, Jesus).

FriedGoat1661d ago

Who cares when their main platform is PC?
the console versions are inferior by nature, it's not like they should have to worry about it. By the sound of it, CD Projekt are in M$ pocket.

cyber_daemonx1661d ago

I just hope they don't gimp on the PS4 version for parity.

thebigman1661d ago

Developers haven't so far...why would they now?

thezeldadoth1661d ago

ps4 version will already be a gimped PC version

Dynasty20211661d ago

Yeah, why does it matter.

Ohhhhhhh because The Witcher 3 isn't going to look as good as your screenshots on consoles?

nucky641661d ago

yea - and the pc version will be a poor port.

Fishy Fingers1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

You must know nothing of CD Projekt RED if you expect a poor PC port. PC will be the lead platform.

These guys bust their ass to provide the best product they can. They'll do their upmost to deliver on each platform.

If people are more interested in the resolution than the overall product, more fool them.

thezeldadoth1661d ago

PC is the lead platform. This site is pathetic.

Dude4201661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Very pathetic indeed. CD Projekt not only released a great game that is Witcher 2, but they also went out of their way to improve on it by releasing the Enhanced Edition, with new downloadable content...ALL FOR FREE! (For people who already bought the first version).

Now some of you arseholes have the gull to call out these hard working developers like that? You don't deserve to play their games.

nchizimbi1661d ago

... just as it is pointless to have these myriad "VERSUS" articles of which console is best over the other.

I have no allegiance to Microsoft nor Sony because both of these companies get my money... I ain't getting anything for free from them to warrant my favoritism. Both Microsoft and Sony are getting my hard earned money; my money, of which is filled with my efforts, sweat etc. If Microsoft and Sony create/produce good/great content and I like/love it, I will do business with them. If others (third-party developers/publishers) create good/great content and I like/love it, I will do business with them.

Whether you are for PlayStation, Xbox One or both, them platform holders (Microsoft and Sony) only care about putting as many units out there... the more units they put out there, the more money they make... money which is coming your accounts.

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