Early Titanfall livestreamers risk Twitch ban

Players who broadcast live gameplay of Titanfall ahead of tomorrow's North American launch risk being banned from streaming service Twitch.

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akurtz1507d ago

not their fault they got it early. They paid for their game and twitch sub, Dont punish them for using it.

Elit3Nick1506d ago

It falls under NDA though, Respawn doesn't want people to spoil things so people can experience it for themselves

3-4-51506d ago


And it won't be spoiled for you.

It's called having self control.

crazysammy1506d ago

First most people do not pay for a twitch sub. Besides that Twitch has very specific rules about not playing games before release (Unless you can prove you have special permission from the dev) which you agree to when you sign up for Twitch.

You are right its not their fault they got it early but it still violates Twitch streaming rules.

Tempest3171507d ago

So MS and Respawn both have said they wont ban early players, but twitch will if they stream it? Thats pretty ridiculous

n4rc1507d ago

Respawn clearly said they are not OK with streaming gameplay..

If anything, they might be banned until launch..

Just like the guy that got his x1 early.. Just because you paid for it doesn't mean your free to do whatever the hell you want..

OrangePowerz1507d ago

Yes they are it's the problem of the retailer as long as it is aquired legally nobody should get banned.

n4rc1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You are free to play the game and enjoy it..

Broadcasting an unreleased game is not part of that right..

But like I said.. Vince already tweeted it and the reason..

Respawn is NOT OK with streaming early gameplay as it hasn't launched yet, they are still tweaking stuff server side and you could broadcast something normal that gets taken out of context negatively

Tempest3171507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Ahhh, I didnt see respawn say they didnt want early broadcasting, I thought it was just twitch doing its own thing.
Im seeing several videos/screens of early release gameplay, are they pissed about that too? Seems silly to threaten bans for livestreaming but allowing full blown video uploads

n4rc1507d ago

Its probably a standard thing.. I've been seeing streams of it for days now.. Doesn't look like they are very active in banning streams

Not really following who made these "threats" be it respawn or twitch themselves..

But its fairly common sense to me that you probably shouldnt be broadcasting a game you are not supposed to have yet. You take that risk

speedforce1311506d ago

You're an idiot. I can broadcast whatever the hell I want. That's my right. What you should have said was, it's Twitch's right to ban whoever they want because it's their service.

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OrangePowerz1507d ago

Twitch didn't ban any of the early PS4 streams like Thief or Tomb Raider when they started streaming a week before launch. Not sure why they would ban Titanfall streams.

rajman1506d ago

Well they have banned people for streaming MGSV yesterday

OrangePowerz1506d ago

Don't know. I watched an hour today of Ground Zeros live stream before I stopped watching and it didn't got taken down.

N81506d ago

Someone is stream MGS now

crazysammy1506d ago

I received my copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate almost a week early (on accident from my distributor) and I was streaming the Sunday before release. I was able to stream for about 8 hours before anyone came on to issue my warning. When they came on though they are very polite, inform you that you are in violation and give you time to say goodbye to the audience and stop the stream. Yea it sucks but its the rules.