Changes We'd Like To See For The Xbox One

IM PLAYIN takes a look at a few more changes they'd like to see on the Xbox One following the March Update.

"This is a gripe that I’ve heard / read many a time whilst surfing through forums and chatting to fellow gamers. One of the bigger problems facing the Xbox One at the moment is its hard-drive space. You would think that 500GB would be enough to last you a fair while, but it’s been only five months since I purchased my Xbox One and I’ve already used 50% of the space. The main thing that you have to factor in is that a good chunk of the space (138GB) is used up before you even get the console out of the box."

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Wizard_King1620d ago

The ability to push out basic games like COD at 1080p

christocolus1620d ago

Whats up with you dude? Sound just like the character in your avatar.

badboy7761620d ago

New Voice Command

Xbox:Self Destruct

Whiskeyjacked871620d ago

Lol all those disagrees? I guess they like COD at 720p! Might as well get used to it i suppose. Not me though.


I hear ya bro. I'm only buying exclusives on the x1, multi platforms on my ps4.

Wizard_King1620d ago

b-b-b-but 1080 isn't needed.


No_Limit1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Wizard King, I agreed with you for once, 1080p is not needed...opps, gotta go now, gotta stand in line for the launch. :-)

hulk_bash19871620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

The only two things preventing me from buying one at the moment are:
1. Price (Not to say it isn't worth that, just don't have the funds at the moment)
2. The lack of an upgradable hard drive. If I hadn't upgraded my PS4 HDD to 1TB, I would have already filled up the stock 500GB it came with.

colonel1791620d ago

1. There's going to be a price drop, but it might be sooner than expected.

2. Not going to happen until at least the first hardware revision, which could take 1 year at least to come out. The HDD of the PS4 might be upgradable, but at least MS supports (will?) external HDD or USB sticks. I wouldn't mind having my games stored externally, specially if they are old games that I wouldn't probably play anymore.

ziggurcat1620d ago

@ #2:

"Supports" is a pretty vague term, and there's been no info on how much support that will be. For all we know, the amount of external support'll be just as limited as it is with the X360.

People need to stop assuming that when they said it would support external media that that meant you can just plug in a 3TB drive, and go to town.

Hicken1620d ago

What do you mean "at least?" You make it sound like it'll be(because it's not there yet) better than just swapping the HDD INSIDE the console for a larger one.

I remember that argument, too, last year: somehow, only having external HDD support was better than being able to upgrade the one inside the system.

hulk_bash19871620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )


1. That may very well be when I get one.

2. The same feature may be added to the PS4 later on down the line as well. You don't have to get defensive about it man. Just saying that it's one of the reasons I'm holding off on purchasing an Xbox One at the moment.

colonel1791620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Oh it's not defensive at all, sorry for that. I too like PS4 upgradable HDD better, but seeing as how I always backup all my computer stuff to an external HDD, it wouldn't matter at all for me to have an external option for the Xbox One, since MS might never include a removable HDD.

I am too holding off my purchase of the Xbox One until the price drops. Phil Spencer is promising great games, so that is promising. Hopefully he delivers. If he does, will be a great time to own an Xbox One, along with the PS4.

hulk_bash19871620d ago

Good to go man. I agree that the Future of gaming in general, for all platforms looks very promising.

No1up1620d ago

Kinect could work a bit (a lot) better.

JBSleek1620d ago

External hard drive support is my biggest want at the moment.

I also can't wait for games such as Quantum Break and Halo 5

authentic1620d ago

The ability to disable vibration...

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