inFAMOUS Second Son taps into the obsession with supernatural powers

With film and literature we are merely onlookers, admirers of those who hold the key to unlock the door into another world, with gaming we tap into that source of power.

The latest game to provide us with the thrill of being more than what we are is inFAMOUS Second Son.

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Choc_Salties1538d ago

Looks cool, I don't have access to a next-gen console yet though...

Meltic1538d ago

1: Buy it
2: You wont regret buying it
3: You will have hours to have fun
4: You have missed great launch titles

GameSpawn1538d ago

I'm psyched for this game. The crappy thing is I'm still pacing my way through Thief and I'm also getting Metal Gear Solid:GZ just before Infamous.

Most likely Infamous will win out and be taking a majority of my time. I'll still have a few days with MGS first so we'll see if it sticks.