Will Titanfall Kill Call of Duty?

MP1st - With the Titanfall hype train at full speed, the question on everyone’s mind is, ‘will Titanfall kill Call of Duty?’

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Mikelarry1658d ago

ATM not really why you might ask because its only availalble on the xbox and pc. now if TF2 comes out on the ps4,ps3,xbox 360, one and the PC then it might stand a chance of taking the COD crown

zeee1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

In my opinion suits at EA must be kicking themselves in the nuts for make it exclusive to Bone. How long have they been trying to kick Cod off the number 1 spot? How many millions did they spend to make and market games like bf and moh but failed to throw off COD? And now when they had a real shot, they sold it out to msft platforms? Lol!

PONTIAC08G8GT1658d ago

No it won't beat Call of Duty because it's only on Xbox/PC. But I don't think EA are kicking themselves at all. The money they got upfront from MS I am sure was very large. Not to mention being on Xbox and PC, all the DLC that will come with it, and they hype has been huge.

Trust me, EA won't be regretting making a ton of money.

GiggMan1658d ago

I agree. One of the reasons games like Battlefield in my opinion will not overthrow COD is because they lack local multiplayer. A lot of COD buyers, believe it or not, are not always online. I know quite a few people who buy call of duty and never go online. Some because they don't have internet and some because they prefer local multiplayer.

No split screen is one of the reasons I think Titanfall (and others) will never trump the CODs or Halos. If you're a casual player it can be frustrating going online and getting shot as soon as you respawn. Sometimes you want to play with your buds locally instead. My wife and I play local with bots all the time and have a blast. Then when she goes online she gets massacred and frustrated lol. Titianfall is online only so I can imagine people getting frustrated already.

Septic1658d ago

True say.

Yeah it needs to be on all platforms to stand a chance. For the moment however, COD seems like its committing seppuku on itself, albeit less honourably.

It's a shame that TF isn't on PS4, simply because it would be really interesting to see what impact it has on COD sales. Zampella getting revenge on Activision would be a sight for sore eyes.

Hellsvacancy1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I'm not defending COD in anyway but I don't honestly think Titanfall will ever make a dent in CODs sales, as much as i'd like to see COD decrowned

Battlefield couldn't even do it, Titanfall doesn't stand a chance, when the next COD game is out (November 2014 no doubt) the majority of Titanfall players will switch back over

Titanfall will do VERY well, it's a new game for a console that doesn't have many new games, the same reason Thief is selling well despite the game having rather average reviews, if Thief was a PS3/360 game it wouldn't of sold very well at all

geddesmond1658d ago

I have no doubt in my mind that Titanfall is a great game. If it was on PS4 then I would love to play it but to be quite honest the amount of hype surrounding this online only game is ridiculous especially for a new IP.

The truth is if this was a PS only game then the media wouldn't be hyping it up to be the savior of all gamers. Do I think it's a COD killer? No because many games came before it trying to over throw COD and every one of them failed. Do I think it has the potential to be? That depends on EA and weather they see a cash deal with MS more profitable than a multiplatform release of the next game.

PONTIAC08G8GT1658d ago

Why do people keep making it sound bad that it's a multiplayer only game? Sorry but this game will have more replay value and be played longer than Uncharted or The Last of Us. Single player games with a linear story don't have a big replay value, unless it's replaying each level to find some hidden item or unlock something. And don't try to tell me Uncharted MP was the games selling point.

What do you think keeps COD, BF, Halo, KZ, or Gears of War popular for years? It's def not the single player. Sure, Halo 1 had an epic single player, but people played the heck out of multiplayer and that was before online gaming. Going back to the Golden Eye days, anyone that remembers that game remembers the awesome multiplayer games, no one mentions single player.

The hype is ridiculous because the game is. I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a game. I hope more games go the MP only route so they can focus all their efforts and the systems potential on making MP the best it can be.

geddesmond1658d ago


Both Uncharted and the last of Us have multiplayer and even though the last of us MP isn't great, Uncharteds multiplayer is awesome and offered me 3 months of playtime. Its MP wasn't a selling point for me because the experience of the single player offered me a much greater experience than playing the same 15 maps over and over again killing random people online.

A single player matters because sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy a good story. At least with games like KZ I can enjoy a good story and then take my skills online to play an awesome MP game.

darren_poolies1658d ago

Exactly, Titanfall has absolutely zero chance of 'killing' COD as long as it is exculisve.

Back-to-Back1658d ago

It wont kill off COD for the simple fact COD can be played at a competitive level. Titanfall not so much.

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Thatguy-3101658d ago

Making it exclusive gave it a lot of attention. However it limits it's market share so in no chance will it steal COD's crown. Let's see how the series develops and it may end up doing so. As of now I just don't see it. It's new so it has to develop just like COD did before becoming the franchise that it became.

alextdarling1658d ago

To me, Titanfall will grab everyones attention for say 3 Months, Like call of duty does, It wont replace it, Maybe it will dominate the Spring season where as COD dominates the Winter season,

JeffGUNZ1658d ago

I don't know man, I think titanfall will pull a lot of COD users away on the xbox platform. COD is killing COD, Titanfall is what FPS multiplayer needs to move in a better direction.

alextdarling1658d ago

I cannot see where Titanfall can go with a sequel as it is multiplayer based it cant bring anything new to the table with future installments, this is just my attention. I enjoyed Titanfalls Beta quite alot, and I am bored of COD,

I like to view it as this.
Titanfall is effectively a spinoff of COD.

DC7771658d ago

I expect a COD teaser trailer shortly. They aren't going to go quietly into the night.

Even though Ghosts is hated on it still sold very well. Does that mean people will take a chance again? We shall see. Titanfall does look pretty cool but we will see if it catches fire and becomes a must have.

chrissx1658d ago

No, titanfall will not kill call of duty

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