Titanfall Available For A Reduced Price On Greenman Gaming

The highly anticipated first person game developed by Respawn can be purchased for a slightly reduced price on Greenman Gaming

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TomahawkX1539d ago

too bad it's not on steam...

Debaitable1539d ago

There's nothing wrong with Origin. If you don't want two programs running then just close steam.

Debaitable1539d ago

You can get it cheaper via YuPlay by paying via PayPal. Comes to ~$33 for the standard addition.

Daggerjack1539d ago

Why cant i find the game there?

Debaitable1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I tried linking it here in the comments but it won't work from my phone.

Google 'Titanfall YuPlay' and top result should be from slickdeals forum.

It's there. I bought it for my brother just passed midnight earlier today.

I used chrome to auto translate the Russian language.

Daggerjack1539d ago

Cool thanks, ill try to search for it as soon as i can.

Daggerjack1538d ago

Just did it now. $33 bucks wooh thanks man!

sungam3d1538d ago

Nice. I got my copy for $44aud direct from origin using a mexican proxy.
Regular price here is $90 :|