Wii U’s 1080p 60fps Goodness in a Small Box

VGN Author writes: I’m pretty amazed by the Wii U. I have to admit this console is not what expected. Coming from a PS3, Xbox, PC, I decided to get a Wii U after finding an incredible deal this past week. I mean what the heck, Mario Kart 8 is just around the corner and the Wii u library is rather attractive today.

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techologie1620d ago

MK8 and Smash U are two games I'm totes waiting on. Bayonetta looks interesting also

Chupa-Chupa1620d ago

Did you play the first Bayonetta? Should check it out.

techologie1620d ago

I didn't play the first one. But I am a huge fan of these devil may cry type games,so I'll check out the sequel.

cleft51620d ago

Bayonetta is amazing. I am waiting on Bayonetta 2 to be released and a firm release date for X before I buy a WiiU.

AnEwGuY1620d ago

Nobody but 13 y.o. girls says "totes". Stop it.

parentoftheyear1620d ago

I have to agree with AnewGuy,

Urban Dictionary:

A shorter more convenient form of the word: totally. "This word is most commonly used by teenage girls."

NumOnePS3FanBoy1619d ago

u do know it all started in the Movie "I Love You Man" of whom Paul Rudd says Totes Muhgoats. teens girls don't know shit

Benjaminkno1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

So what if 'technologie' is a 13 year old girl that comments on n4g....

This 30 year old dude is gonna totes use that.

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bayonetta1620d ago

I cant wait to play Bay 2 , gonna get the console when this game release + i could have a great games with it such Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong TF and The Wonderful 101

3-4-51620d ago

* When you focus on an appealing Art Style, rather than trying to push polygons, you can have your Artists actually take advantage of their talent and DRAW better graphics into the game via their art, not based on graphical capabilities.

* This way, more games can be 1080p & 60 FPS.

wonderfulmonkeyman1620d ago

Bayonetta is one of the games that made me go multiplatform for the second generation in a row, actually.
I've been one since the PS2 era and haven't regretted the choice.
I've also loved Bayonetta since day 1 and I cannot wait to get the sequel.

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R00bot1620d ago

I actually really like my Wii U, it's really underrated, and I think you definitely have to own it before you realise just how great it is. Sure, just playing it does help, but it doesn't quite set in how great the console is until you own one yourself.

techologie1620d ago

Well said. I've owned mine since launch and am now barely seeing it's magic

Locknuts1620d ago

I would never have got one if my little brother hadn't bought one. When I went over my parent's house he'd show it to me and it seriously took me 3 months of being constantly shown it before I 'got it'. It's a great system and I hope Nintendo can turn it around.

BattleN1620d ago

I love the web browser, and the personal screen is perfect, heck I even hot glued the gamepad to the charging cradle and lay the gamepad on my chest no hands needed haha! *Secret use rubbing alcohol to remove hot glue from many hot glued objects haha!

AnEwGuY1620d ago

Not sure if serious... 0_o

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BoneBone1620d ago

Yeah, it's weird that a few people have issues with Netflix on the Wii U. If you look around you'll see a lot of people don't have a streaming issue and declare Wii U the best Netflix experience around.

I don't know what the difference might be between those with issues and those who dont, but you should try, if you haven't already, to manually configure your wireless connection. Just Google it for how to do this. Wii U definitely has some issues with certain routers and doing this will often solve the problem.

Maybe also fiddle with settings on your router and test different configurations out. Fixing your router to one channel instead of auto for example might be a good place to start. Disabling the 2Ghz mode and hardware firewall is another. The Wii U doesn't like it if the router is placed right next to it either as it can interfere with the wireless connection to the GamePad.

The Wii ethernet adapters are less than $10 these days and work with the Wii U.

Best to get it sorted because the issue probably isn't with the app but internet/router based and would effect other online stuff like CoD multiplayer.

DC7771620d ago

My Wii U has a way better connection to WiFi than anything else I own. You are right about it being too close though. I had it like that in the beginning and it just wouldn't work. Works fine all the way on the other side of the house though and easily is my best Netflix device.

Neonridr1620d ago

Bought the Wii LAN adapter the day after I got the system. I always prefer a straight wired connection.

wonderfulmonkeyman1620d ago

I have some issues with streaming on Hulu, on my Wii U, but that's because I'm in an area where I only get a couple of bars on my connection.
And it only makes it fail to load the ads, anyways, and whenever it does that, a quick flick of the left stick lets me entirely skip the ads instead of struggling through them, so I say the delays have actually been beneficial.XD

kwandar1620d ago

May be too close to the tv which interferes with their wifi.

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DanManDantheMan1620d ago

Good thing too is that these games will mostly likely play even better than they look. Always a staple with Nintendo games.

MaxwellBuddha1620d ago

Nintendo are the grand wizards of gameplay. Nobody else comes close. NOBODY.

Benjaminkno1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

you know that's right!

I'd actually like to see Nintendo make games off of their previous platforms. They would still sell.

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