Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Review (PSLS)

"This is not a review of the games themselves, but a review focused on how well the games succeed at being an HD re-release, and how well they do or don’t justify a second look from people who’ve already experienced these games in their original forms. This is a lucky situation for this package, as it’s based on the International versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2, both of which include a lot of new content never seen in North America. To Japan, this HD Remaster is simply a visual upgrade and portability, but to the North American audience, this content is new and will be considered such in this review."


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knifefight1590d ago

Two RPGs in one, new content + portability? SOLD.

kratoz12091590d ago

Never had the chance to play this :D

Been craving for a GOOD Final Fantasy game on the ps3

SolidGear31590d ago

Me too. Think I'll finally check these out

3-4-51589d ago

Always wanted to play this but never had owned a Playstation of any kind so I couldn't.

Have a Vita I just bought so definitely getting it for that.

X-2 doesn't interest me really, so it's just bonus, but I may want to play it more once I've finished X.

Wedge191590d ago

Amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on these.