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They've made both of these great games even better with this remastering, and any fan of either should definitely check them out.

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Sly-Lupin1658d ago

I kind of think the fact that its effectively two games for less-than-the-price-of-one should be taken into consideration.

I also think the review devoted too much emphasis to graphical quality. That's... Not terribly relevant here. As such, this review is really only useful to people who have already played the game.

Finally: what about Vita? I'm only reading these reviews to see if there are any differences between versions (like the framerate issues that made the Vita Jak collection unplayable) but it seems like either there's still an embargo, or no one bothered to give the Vita version a try.

In which case all of these FFX Collection reviews should only have the PS3 tag, not the Vira tag, too.

moegooner881657d ago

According to Gameinformer " The Vita version is nearly identical to its big brother, but there are some additional jaggies and other minor graphical imperfections. None of these issues impede your experience, but the difference is evident."

knifefight1657d ago

I played the Japanese version on Vita and it slowed down during most of the story moments.

In towns, if there was a party member waiting to talk to you, it would slow down as you ran through that town as well. :(

knifefight1657d ago

I should say also, however, that it didn't affect my enjoyment of the game very much.
It would have been a lot more bothersome if it were happening in battle or in a different type of game, I think.

kayoss1657d ago

How about the load time for the PS Vita? I dont mind load time but i was curious about the durations of the load time. Any comments on this?


knifefight1657d ago

kayoss -

They're noticeable but didn't detract from my experience at all. They're not nearly as bad as some others games (ports or no) and not nearly as bad as those SNES-to-PSOne-to-PSN games where it was 10 seconds of blackness every time you entered a town. Ugh. That was ridiculous.

But no, it's a few seconds and feels somewhat natural, given the standard we're pretty much used to. No problems.

kayoss1657d ago

Thank you! Bubble up for you.

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Hugodastrevas1657d ago

I'm going to buy this game (eventually), maybe then they will consider a FFVI/VII/VIII remake(s).

SolidGear31657d ago

I want complete remake of VIII and I've always wanted an HD version of Crisis Core.

SolidGear31657d ago

Which is why I don't understand why they never made an HD version for PS3. At one point Sony stated they'd be making HD versions of their biggest PSP games for PS3. All they ever did were the God of War games and MGS PW and that was it. Never talked about it again.

XANDEO1657d ago

It's not up to Sony to port a square Enix game.
I don't get why that games not available digitally.

kayoss1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Sony did say they will make HD version of their biggest PSP. So far they have lived up to it. However, Final fantasy series is not owned by Sony. Its owned by Square Enix. They decide if any of their games will become remade into HD. I think FFX is a testing ground to see how well it does for them to implement the same to other FF series.

Didnt read XANDEO reply. But yes what Xandeo said. Xandeo, I dont know but for the past few years, I have questioned SE decisions. This is no different.

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Unreal011657d ago

The sad truth is that Square will probably make more money from this remaster than any of the games from the FF13 trilogy. Yeah, hopefully they can see some sense and perhaps consider a FF7-9 remake. The fans of turn based RPGs are still here.

kalkano1657d ago

Sorry to be a downer (I'm one of those turn-based fans), but it's never going to happen. You'd better be content with a handheld game once every couple years, until those get "too powerful" too. We have no choice but to be retro gamers. At least we can get some satisfaction from knowing that the industry is not getting our money.