Xbox's Phil Spencer Admits Last Summer's Mistakes; Says Titanfall is "Massive;" Will test the Cloud

Yesterday Microsoft Games Studio Head Phil Spencer was interviewed by Geoff Keighley at SXSW Gaming Expo, and while the talk wasn't live streamed, and Spencer admitted that last summer wasn't a high point, also talking up the release of Titanfall.

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M-M1591d ago

Phil Spencer will be the one to change the image of the Xbox One, for the better.

Abriael1591d ago

He's the best they have. No doubt about that. And I'd say it's not random that he's the head of their game studios. He's Microsoft's Shu :D

GrandTheftZamboni1591d ago

Unfortunately Elop is coming.

jessupj1591d ago

I think it's maybe the first time MS has admitted past mistakes. I'm really starting to respect Mr. Spencer. It's great that he been honest and genuine.

I can tell he genuinely has a passion for gaming and his brand. Hopefully that healthy attitude will rub off on Penello and Hyrb.

mcstorm1591d ago

I agree. I am really liking the news that is coming out of the xbox department at the moment. I think Titan fall is going to be a re launch for the xbox one and we will start to see the vision microsoft have for the one going forward. I am loving my console and glad I picked one up. But the way I look at it at the moment is all 3 consoles on the market are very good and it just depends on what games your interested in to which console you should get.

christocolus1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

You gotta love this guy. Sometimes i wonder if Don had Phil & the others locked/tied up all through out his reign..cos its amazing how things have changed for the better since Don stepped down.

Great job doing an awesome job.keep it up.

urwifeminder1591d ago

Never heard of the guy, seems to be on the money though.

Kiwi661591d ago

where have you been, he has been in a lot of articles on here lately

urwifeminder1591d ago

As soon a staff come up in gaming conversation I tend to switch off faster than I would playing a stealth game.

ArbitorChief1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I like Phil Spencer, he's honest and he interacts with us hardcore gamers a lot of Twitter. He's really the only person at Microsoft I trust right now.

Mikefizzled1591d ago

I was trying to think of someone so I could disagree with you but I can only think of Mike Ybarra or Qwik as hes referred to as. But as studio manager he doesn't get air time unlike Spencer, Harrison, Mehdi or Hryb.

SaturdayNightBeaver1590d ago

Did you just put MS and Hardcore in same sentence? Good for you man.

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