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IGN - Final Fantasy X has a place in history as one of the best JRPGs ever, so finally replaying this PlayStation 2 classic and its sequel in Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita is a real treat. I’m impressed with how well both games hold up, and the extra story content, improved graphics, and re-recorded musical score gives an old fan something new to see.

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hulk_bash19871592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Hell yes, got my PS3 and PSV Versions pre-ordered and paid off.

I believe that both versions have their own set of trophies. But once you sync them up with the server they are shared.

This article has it detailed:

AaronPS1592d ago

Vita for me. That's a pretty damn good review score. Good to see they didn't botch it up. Also does this have separate trophy posts or just one between the two games?

vishmarx1592d ago

surprised they dint cut marks for X-2 being nothing more than an upscale with widescreen.
X looks fantastic though.1080p.60fps(i think)
and textures better than lightning returns

WildArmed1592d ago

Man, if I had a Vita, I'd jump on it.

Just the PS3 version for me... for now XD

hulk_bash19871592d ago

Yup when I heard it was gonna have cross-save functionality I couldn't resist.

Tempest3171592d ago

Im so jacked for this game its 2nd favorite game ever made(1st is ff8) I too have it preordered on ps3 and vita...the 18th cant come fast enough!

WildArmed1592d ago


I think my "favoritest" FF would be FF8. It was the first FF I played, and have played it over two dozen times. It got me hooked.

FF6 is my "official" favorite though. But FF8 is my "favoritest".

Yes, make sense I.

Tempest3171592d ago

I think I understand what youre saying lol...both excellent games! FF8 was my first as well, and I think thats why it still beats out ffx, but its very close, I love them both! Im glad all these reviews are good, if it sells well maybe we can get that FF12 hd too :)

NukaCola1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

What no crossbuy? Square you really suck. I think I will get Vita version but come on for real.

WildArmed1592d ago

To be fair, there has not been much x-buy support from other than Sony.

MGS HD didn't have cross-buy either.

KwietStorm1592d ago

It's not like this is a digital arcade title.

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millerj27401592d ago

FFX was my favorite genre on ps2 and probably all time, but I traded in my ps3 towards a ps4. If this doesn't go to PS Now, I'll have to get a vita for it for sure.

moegooner881592d ago

Can't wait got the limited edition pre-ordered. FFX is my fav game of all time.

Chaos_Raiden1592d ago

Day one buy. FFX is one of my favourite RPGs ever.

Sheikah1592d ago

Preordered and paid in full. Vita version for me :)

What savepoints? Just set the machine in standby and move along later ;).

Also, FF 1-10 on the move is just.. gold in your pocket

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The story is too old to be commented.