Super Smash Bros Screenshot (10.3.14): Fat Little Mac


Like with Brawl, Sakurai will be providing daily updates on the development progress of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS through Miiverse.

Today's screenshot is a pic of an obese Little Mac.

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neogeo1536d ago

Little Mac's been eating a few hundred big mac's

Fishermenofwar1536d ago

LOLZ...such an easy joke..But yet it made me almost spit out my coffee....LOL

White-Knight1536d ago

He should just be called Fat Mac, he can hardly be called little...

DC7771536d ago

How about a screenshot of a release date...

CorndogBurglar1536d ago

He needs to lay off the Soda Popinski

IonDestroy1536d ago

This is Little Mac's model from Captain Rainbow right? The game where he got fat from not being in another game for so long

MNGamer-N1536d ago

Him and Doc been hanging out too much together eating chocolate bars