Xbox One Media Remote Review

Shannon at Press Start Australia writes: "I’d really suggest it for those who use their Xbox One for a lot of media watching. I much preferred keeping the remote close to me when watching a movie than having my controller awkwardly near me or have to shout out mid movie at the Kinect. I also found it useful for general browsing of the Xbox One UI when I knew I necessarily wasn’t going to play a game."

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neogeo1592d ago

"I’d really suggest it for those who use their Xbox One for a lot of media watching."

Well duh! That's what the Cable-box-One-720p was built for. You don't actually think people play games on that big old VCR/Cable box do you?

I kid. I kid... Or do I?
Stealth troll engaged:)

ezop1592d ago

articles like this make me laugh "Xbox One Media Remote Review" .. its a remote control, its not going to do anything special.

Heres my review you point the remote press a button and OMG it works, what next a review on the headset adapter.

shancake1592d ago

Actually it's important to let people know what to expect with the remote. For instance the original Xbox 360 media remote had 15-20 more buttons than this one.. People want to know the functionality of it.

Baka-akaB1592d ago

Except given how redundant it can seems for an outlooker that could easily says "hat's this for , there are kinect gestures and voice controls" , yeah they better actually review it and tell people why they should bother with it , or not

tminusvitali1589d ago

I came here to find out if it'd work with my audio receiver. So yeah, this kind of review is necessary.

Silly Mammo1592d ago

Does anyone else see the irony of using a remote with Kinect?