Zampella Trying to Unlock Titanfall's FPS on PC

Respawn Entertainent CEO Vince Zampella says the studio is working on unlocking Titanfall‘s 60 FPS cap on the PC.

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SlapHappyJesus1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

If so, my 144Hz monitor and I very much thank you.

ninjagoat1533d ago

Should not have been locked to 60fps on pc in the first place.

MRHARDON1532d ago

Agreed, they been working on the game for 3 years? They add the cap on purpose, then when they are caught they be like "We will fix it"

Mr Pumblechook1532d ago

Jeeze. So they intentionally limit the PC graphical performance so the Xbone version doesn't seem inferior?

And to help sell more Xbone consoles, after a three year development, they delay the release of the 360 version of Titanfall by two weeks and disappoint all 360 owners by trying to force them to buy an Xbone?

It just goes to show that with Microsoft, EA, Respawn. Money talks and something walks.

worldwidegaming1532d ago

Made for consoles. The only reason I could think as to why it was locked in the first place.

Ghoul1532d ago

pretty easy

to not make the offset between the platforms that obvious.

we all know titanfall is graphicswise oldtech (not bad at all btw)
but that way you wont have to face raging fanboys fighting over theyre platform choice

Volkama1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Just give me the option to keep that 60fps cap please. Unlock it for the folk on 144hz screens and such, but I want it just the way it was in the beta for myself. Beta exhibited absolutely no screen tearing for me, without need for v-sync. That's what I want.

Plus if I play anything with an unlocked frame rate my graphics cards try to cook themselves, which is something I really need to get around to sorting out :)

Fishy Fingers1532d ago

If Respawn can't manage it. There's always the modding community.

Volkama1532d ago

Modding an online only game is always a risk though, particularly a competitive one.

Better for all if Respawn do it properly.

ninjagoat1532d ago

No mod tools are being released -_-.

Volkama1532d ago

Yes, but that doesn't stop people directly modifying files if they want to.

It should be expected that the anti-cheat measures in the game will check for such modifications, and ban people (potentially ban origin accounts) if any files have been modified. That's why I say it would be a risk to do so.

NarooN1532d ago


Official mod tools aren't necessarily needed for budding enthusiasts/coders to mod the games, though. There have been many cases where games that didn't have "official" mod support got extensively modded anyway.

tkato1532d ago

for what? humans can barely tell the difference past 30 fps. on 60 you can notice a slight difference, anything above is just pointless.

worldwidegaming1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Hitting 60fps means you have more room for a drop in frame rate per second.
The real issue is when it's 30fps and it drops.
A drop from 60fps to 30fps is ok. It from 30fps to 15fps is unplayable.
For the money we play we deserve 60fps or a solid never dropping 30fps.
That's not going to happen.

Rubberlegs1532d ago

I can tell a big difference going between 30fps to 60fps especially with a FPS. Going any higher is for people that game on 120/144hz monitors, going that high helps get rid of ghosting and lag. It does make the game look a lot smoother too playing at 144hz but you need a higher end gpu to keep up with that framerate.


The difference between 30 and 60 FPS is like night and day but I have harder time tell difference between 60 and 120 FPS but it is noticeable.

30 - choppy
60 - smooth
120 smoother

using BenQxl2420t @120hz