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Editor Joe Morgan writes,

"Originally released to positive critical acclaim in late 2010, Dead Nation was a game that grabbed the attention of PlayStation 3 gamers around the world. Now, four years and a new console generation later, Sony, Housemarque, and Climax Studios are hoping to recapture bottled lightning with an updated version of the game. How does Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition stand up though? Does it merely shamble along or will it eat your brain?"

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F-Inglese-941409d ago

I have a very similar view of this game. Quite a nice little title and it's free for PS Plus users this month.

militissanctus1409d ago

Agreed! Sony continues to keep me impressed with their PS Plus offerings for PlayStation 4.

Jeff2571409d ago

I bought this when it released on PS3 so it is nice being able to grab it for free on PS4. Having said that thought with the additions they added I would have paid for the game again anyway. But it is nice getting so many new and recent games for free. Now if only they could put up a PS3 game I haven't already bought.

FriedGoat1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I had this game on the PS3 too, it's great.
I do get frustrated with the input lag in this version though, I swear that FXAA has something to do with it.

You can see it when moving the right stick around, even on my 2ms monitor.

Utalkin2me1409d ago

Reminds me of left for dead in a TDTPS. It's a great free game.

jambola1409d ago

Whats the difference between this and the ps3 version?

Utalkin2me1409d ago

Well 2 things for sure i know. Its is running at 1080p and has a interactive feature for broadcasters on twitch, which is actually kind of cool.

IronChefWong1409d ago

Yeah the twitch interactivity is one of the neatest features. Makes the game very dynamic and actually gives viewers real power to troll players haha (or help them)

jambola1409d ago

yeah, that's the one thing that's actually convinced me to get this when i get a ps4.

SolidGear31409d ago

Tech analysis of differences, plus it includes the Road to Devastation DLC

Austin481409d ago

Good game it's really fun playing co op with a freind or family member

Clown_Syndr0me1409d ago

Not my kinda game, hate top down shooters. I did try it but really didn't like it.
Glad I still haven't finished Outlast so still have something to play on my PS4 for now :)

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