Titanfall Isn’t Out Yet, But Players Have Already Prestiged, aka ‘Regenerated’

MP1st - "We are sorry to tease you, but it appears that some players have already ranked up in Titanfall to 2nd generation, or simply ‘prestiged’ in Call of Duty talk."

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AngelicIceDiamond1658d ago

Oh come on...

Its to be annoyingly expected though.

Kingthrash3601658d ago

lol yeah, i hated when cod playrs did this..smh.

minimur121658d ago

I know this is like the bitchiest thing ever, but I think it would be cool for on 14th, they re-set all ranks and everything. I know they've like spent hours grinding up to it, but it's only fair.

I'm not really an fps player, couldn't get into Kilzone:SF, haven't played CoD in about 4 years, but I REALLY liked titanfall and I'm gonna get it next month, I've ran outta money lmao

dontbhatin1658d ago

Haven't you ever heard the saying The early bird gets the worm? Same logic can be used here. Im already lvl 20 on pc.

So you guys are saying if you didn't have the ability to access a game a couple days early with no punishment for doing it, you wouldn't?? Give me a break! lol

And if they do stat wipe us. i could care less. I still got to play before release. :P

ic3fir31658d ago

and what's wrong with it?
I never did in Cod mw2 prestige and had a K: D of 2.2, prestige does not make a good player, he just plays too long

LogicStomper1658d ago

But you want those extra load-outs/classes don't you???

ic3fir31658d ago

not realy,I only played in Cod mw2 with ACR and Famas, and Sniper Manual.
In titanfall just need a perk of carbine, another SMG and sniper, not like shotguns or other weapons.
Playing with the most solid weapons in the game, and that is that I care

CrossingEden1658d ago

I've played MW1, WW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2 and never once prestiged, never saw the progress in resetting progress for and I quote "bragging rights, a new emblem, and a new loadout slot." HOW do you even brag about that? "Hey guys, I totes started over and made the past few days of online multiplayer null and void, check out this emblem, it's totes cool."

LogicStomper1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Yeah, I understand what you guys mean. You'd rather keep all the stuff you've got rather than get reset for a small gain.

I've only played MW2 online and to be honest, I was one to prestige for extra classes. Got 2 extra classes and then figured that was enough for me.

Edit: Isn't it weird how we're talking about CoD?

GearSkiN1658d ago

Titanfall is different tho the game has challenges that requires to reach that prestige I believe.

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urwifeminder1658d ago

I never get to full rank usually another game side tracks me, will be giving this a good shake though.

sincitysir11658d ago

Unless it takes about 5 hrs I usually don't prestige. But I might with titanfall since that's what its all about!

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