The Console Market Is In Crisis

TechCrunch - A few days ago Sony announced it has now sold a total of 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles. Microsoft’s next-gen equivalent, the Xbox One, has likely racked up sales of around 4 million so far. Both flagship consoles were released around the same time in late November last year, in time for the 2013 holiday season. And both companies have been shouting loudly about who’s beating whom for cumulative console and games sales globally and in key markets like the U.S.

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neogeo1623d ago

I don't like how he trys to spin the numbers. he only looks at the month on Jan and while he is correct that last Gen had a better month overall for all systems. He forgot that PS4 still outsold PS3 and is also not taking a hardware loss at all on each system sold. No billions invested in blueray and PS+ makes real $$$.

The reason why the overall console sales are lower is because this gen the WiiU is doing horrible and the 3DS is slowing down big time and Vita is not doing nearly as well as PSP did and Xbone is not on par with 360. Even after the RROD I think 360 is and was a better systems and Xbone won't come close to the 360 all time sales. My guess is as good as his due to the fact no one has a crystal ball.

DeadRabbits1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

The only crisis is with these subpar unintelligent pseudoscientific articles from site hit Whoors!

White-Knight1622d ago

The sky is falling!
Consoles are doooooomed!
Because everyone bought a PS4 and...
Oh wait, it ain't in crisis at all...
Phew, saved me a click of an article.

badz1491623d ago

the crisis is so bad, the PS4 is fast approaching the 7mil mark! and the author will be like..."what? that can't be right!"

you don't just come out with article like this when consoles are out there being sold out everywhere! late last year before the new console are out maybe a better time to write this up or later down the road if by some tragic reason console sales are declining fast, but certainly not NOW!

leemo191623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

The only console really not selling is the WiiU and that's because Nintendo is not marketing it like they did with the WII, but 6 million is better than none at all. Ps4 has already became the fastest console sold 6 million in 4 months. Xbox-one is 3 or 4 million that's still impressive for only being out for 4 months.
With more new exciting games coming out in the next couple years and possibly price cuts as-well, or whatever else the big three come up with for their consoles I wouldn't doubt by the end of this gen total consoles sold combined will be over 300 million.

GrizzliS19871623d ago

not even close. That would state that the big 3 sold on average 100 mil each lol. impossible for wii U.

So if wii U cannot reach 100 mil, the realistic figure is about 30 mill.

that leaves 270 mill by your calculations. Split that in 2, and you have 135 mil each, which is impossible for the x1. more like 80 mil.

that leaves 180 mill for sony. Unrealistic. more like 130 mill.

so, your actual number to shoot for here is about 240 mil by the end of the generation. IF THAT.

DualWielding1623d ago

I think the 300m figure included handhelds. If so it is a feasible lnumber lets say 90 for each of the ps4,xbone,3ds thats 270 then 30 between the vita and wii u

GrizzliS19871623d ago

excluding handhelds. Might as well add the 3DS then, and put the figure above 400mil

n4rc1623d ago

I think the console market is just fine..

I mean really.. Even the wiiu isn't doing THAT bad for what it is.. It only looks bad based on the Wii sales..

But does 80m for ps3 look bad simply because of the 100-150m (I forget which) for ps2? I don't think so.. There was more competition

Different times, different markets.. Nintendo still crushes the handheld market and makes virtually all their own games..

Rhythmattic1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

The way I see it...

Nintendo still crushes the handheld market and makes virtually "all the games that run on it "

Thats the way I interpret it....

truth it is.

GameSpawn1623d ago

And this is why Nintendo hasn't gone the way of Sega. Nintendo has always had a fairly successful to remarkably successful handheld on the market to subsidize lack luster console generations. The success of the DS, Wii, and 3DS are literally floating Nintendo and staving the problems of the WiiU for the time being.

The Wii was just an out of the blue success that NO ONE including Nintendo saw coming. Nintendo got lucky and hit the perfect market at the perfect time. The problem with that market is that it just was not sustainable -- that market was a one shot that won't go for the same formula all over again. This is why the WiiU is in the position it is in -- it cannot repeat the success of the Wii as there is not enough to distinguish itself as something different, new, or even as an impulse buy (one of the Wii's strongest strengths in its prime).

Nintendo will only go away if they botch an entire generation of handhelds AND home consoles at the same time as they'd be pissing away too much R&D investment to bounce back (one of the main reasons Sega failed).

Eonjay1623d ago

There is no crisis. It doesn't exist.

D-riders1623d ago

This article is superbad. first off the wii was special and was 250 dollars. next how can you compare these two years and months when the ps4 has sold every single console they can produce. maybe if you argued that supply cant match up to the numbers and that is why this gen lags, or that people are more reluctant to upgrade then it would make sense . However, this article is garbage

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