Plants vs Zombies Xbox 360/Xbox One Review - DJ Podcasts

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "Plants vs. Zombies bursts to life on your console and is nothing like the app you can play on your phone. Oh no, Plants vs. Zombies is an all-out shooter that pits plants against, you guessed it Zombies and exceedingly well at that. Get ready for silly sounds, planting flowers, raising tombs and a whole lot more with Pop Cap’s latest title Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare."

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Games_R_Us1444d ago

I love this game so much, it makes shooters fun again in a simple jump in and jump out style. The graphics are nice and the characters entertaining. Have played this non stop all week and still loving it. Pick it up they say, I couldn't agree more. And its just $39.95 on 360 and $49.95 on X1 in Australia. Cant complain.

Clown_Syndr0me1444d ago

I really wanna play this but don't know if I can justify £30, especially this close to Titanfall. Not sure Id actually play it...