Weekly Xbox One Deals: Xbox One w/ select Game(s) $499.99, Call of Duty Ghosts $29.99 and much more

Xbox One deals and sales at Microsoft Store, Amazon, Groupon, Newegg, Best Buy, Game Deal Daily and Target

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lebr0n1414d ago

A lot of console deals.
Drop the price Microsoft.

timothyckeegan1414d ago

King James is Xbox One gamer lol

Joey_Leone1414d ago Show
dannygamer1414d ago

It won't happen, Microsoft and stores will keep selling bundles for $500.

karl1414d ago

thats only cuz they cant get rid of the stock.

or are u trying to tell us retailers will keep paying MS the same for a console they have to sell at a loss?

if MS isnt absorbing the cost of this deals then the retailers are...

Kiwi661414d ago

they did didn't they in the UK i mean so its a start

liamn1414d ago

CoD for $29.99, DR3 and Ryse for $39.99, Free Forza with Xbox One purchase, Free Game with Xbox One too !!
Xbox One owners should be happy, a lot of deals around.

dannygamer1414d ago

Best time to purchase Call of Duty Ghosts, don't think it will be cheaper in the next few months.

Apollo11414d ago

True, PS4 version is also for $29.99 and PS3/Xbox360 is for $19.99.

2pacalypsenow1414d ago

wouldnt buy that game if it was 95 cents

Apollo11414d ago

Why? I did purchase the game, and honestly I never played online (Battlefield Fan Here), but COD: Ghosts single player is great and the graphics are great too.

TrueJerseyDevil1414d ago

I bought my Xbox last Saturday, with Ryse and Cod ghosts ugh...this depresses me. Time to buy DR3 and Forza and Titanfall on tuesday

jacobvogel1414d ago

Newegg has the best deals for this week.

Apollo11414d ago

Be careful, a lot of these deals end in two days.

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