EA's CEO on the company's plans for virtual reality

EA chief executive officer Andrew Wilson recently laid out his company's current, loose plans for virtual reality during a panel at SXSW Gaming, explaining that in order to design around future technology, the company must first study how people are currently playing games.

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Off topic: anyone saw that destiny PS4 Ad on Tv?? Fucking awesome can't wait. It had a song about sharing is caring. Go SONY :D

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All that talking andrew wilson did in that article can be summed up in one sentence: "Currently microsoft has not shown any sort of virtual reality device so until such time we'll be skeptical and proceed with caution with the other two offerings that have been shown thus far but when they do, oh boy, it'll be the best thing ever and we'll make a ton of xbone exclusives for it".

I just saved everyone a ton of reading.

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Yes the world really needs a VR glitch game that will be awesome here take my money when hell freezes over EA sucks please fix yourself and do not F##k up Battlefront.

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Nobody cares about EA anymore.....lets just all pretend they dont exist until they fade away. The gaming world will be a better place without them.

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Let me guess... VR micro transactions. I'm sure VR will provide a glorious platform for asking if you'd like to buy a virtual Coke for a $1.

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