The Final Trailer for J-Stars Victory VS and a New Commercial

The last PV and a new commercial for J-Stars is out.

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tayz1657d ago

the fighting stars music gets me so pumped!

Majin-vegeta1657d ago

Is this coming to the U.S??

tayz1657d ago

sadly, no. just japan

ZeroX98761657d ago

Import it and print a translated script of the game when available. That's what I intend to do. it's a shame there's no English release, but it won't stop me from playing this game!

Minimox161657d ago

its any word of a Asia release like a hong kong one that almost every time got English subs or something?

e-p-ayeaH1657d ago

This will never leave japan im afraid...

hkgamer1657d ago

12 minutes of character introductions.... Brilliant video, makes me psyched for the game. However, there was a few characters I never even heard of which was quite strange.

I would love for this game to get localised, but it would be a licensing nightmare.

jonatan2211657d ago

I wished they included more characters from Hitman Reborn and Saint Seiya!

I wish I could play with Gokudera or Yamamoto's powers! And they got plenty of different powers in Saint Seiya to use as well. :[

hkgamer1656d ago

maybe this game will come with DLC. Actually, nope not.

This game ahs way too many characcters already.