Wii U Deals of the Week: Pikmin 3 $51, COD Ghosts $40, Skylanders SWAP Force Bundle $210 and more

Wii U deals and sales at Nintendo, Amazon, Kmart, eBay, Newegg, Groupon, Dell and Best Buy.

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dannygamer1594d ago

Time to buy WindWaker :)

liamn1594d ago

One of the best games around for Wii U.

lebr0n1594d ago

Do Amazon price match Kmart deals?

edgarohickman1594d ago

It depends on number of price match requests.

jacobvogel1594d ago

Anyone played 007 Legends? Is it worth the price?

DoggyBiscuit1594d ago

Is not worth playing trust me

Sly-Lupin1594d ago

TW101 has been around $24 on Amazon for several weeks now.

Mikemaker441594d ago

It upsets me that we Canadians don't get some of these deals most of the time.. Always the US side :( Especially when it comes to Amazon. If only they'd be willing to ship here..