The PS4 Genuine Wood Cover Might be The Most Stylish Thing Ever, it Also Costs an Eye

If you want to turn your PS4 into a status symbol, German manufacturer Balolo might just have what you’re looking for in the form of a genuine wooden cover that will turn your console into an even more stylish piece of decor for your classy loft.

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Fireseed1472d ago

Wow that looks sexy! Reminds me of a more elegant version of this...

Eddie201011472d ago

Love the look, very nice.

G20WLY1471d ago

Agreed, looks very stylish.

I mean - unless you were a Cyclops - who wouldn't give an eye for this?

Got two anyway and 3D is overrated! :P

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chaldo1471d ago

Ahh.. It's like my customized Moto X phone. Bamboo wood :D . I would totally get this to match.

Christopher1471d ago

The fact that real wood is used, I would not suggest this as a cover for your PS4. Wood is a horrible conductor of heat. If it was a wood-resembling laminate or the like, it would be better.

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JustSomeGuy1472d ago

That is one seriously stylish PS4.

joab7771472d ago

This is awesome. Now I will have a wooden ps4 that matches my wooden TV, my wooden cable box and wooden TV stand.

Mikefizzled1471d ago Show
Hicken1471d ago

Lovely wood finish PS4 versus uninspired VCR-styled XB1?

ScubbaSteve1471d ago


My comment had nothing to do with xbox or playstation really. It was more about how putting wood patterns on a machine or car was a popular design in the 1980s.

ziggurcat1471d ago

Actually, it's welcome to contemporary home decor.

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foie1471d ago

I feel as though I would be doing my PS4 a disservice if it had this cover on and I was playing it while sporting anything short of a suit and tie.

C-H-E-F1471d ago

Can't play it in a casket bro. :p

-but she is puuuuuuuurty lOl, I can't see myself adding anything to my ps4 though she's staying 100% factory just like my ps1, ps2 and ps3 did. Now if I didn't buy those at launch then i'd def get it in a diff. scheme. But it's something about that day 1 factory edition. lOl

pheature1471d ago

what if it overheats would it not be a bit dangerous

Axecution1471d ago

looks awesome but for that price they really shouldn't have plastered their company name on the front of the system. It would be amazing if it wasnt for that enormous ugly irrelevant logo.

FlunkinMonkey1471d ago

Totally agree, poor design choice. Would defer me from getting it entirely.

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The story is too old to be commented.