Does It Matter If You Play Them?

GamingLives Editor looks back on her to play pile, spanning back as far as the NES and ponders whether it matters if they've been played or not, as long as the industry has been supported.

"When I browse around the Steam or GOG stores, with their ever-increasing number of sales, and treat the whole thing like a trolley dash, does it matter whether I’ll play what I buy, regardless of my good intentions? I sling things into my basket, mow down old people, and jostle for a place at the checkout before the timer hits zero or Steam’s server temporarily keels over, along with everyone else. That money is going (hopefully) where it should. It will give indies a boost, it will keep someone’s dreams alive, it will mean that play-it-safe tits like EA may venture taking a chance again, it supports games enough to get sequels, whatever… the games are paid for and that’s what ultimately matters."

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-Foxtrot1660d ago

I think the main franchises/games I've never got round to playing have been God of War, TimeSplitters, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, name a few

It's like films, when I'm in my lessons at Uni doing Media Production the amount of films people go on about which you haven't seen, it makes you feel lost at times.

Doesn't matter how far you go there's always something....