Why Developers Pull the Wool over our Eyes

gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "Watch Dogs was announced at the apex of the last generation. It was a perfect time to set expectations for the graphically fidelity of the coming consoles. Watch Dogs capitalised on this, riding a fan-fair of delight at potential possibilities. Hopefully, the game still looks great, but if initial screenshots and trailers are to be believed, it certainly won't live up to what we were sold 2 years ago."

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-Foxtrot1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Why? Because of most of us allow them to

Everytime something happens like this, big or small some gamers feel the need to brush it off and call people...that they are whining, are moaners, trolls etc but when it gets to a point where it's not ignorable anymore then they start to complain aswell even though they could of done something ages ago.

Yeah some things might be a fluke with developers when something goes wrong....we don't know but even still we shouldn't forget and forgive them straight away because they might take that the wrong way if it wasn't a "mistake" by them and start to screw us over to see how far they can go.

I've seen so many people try and dismiss the whole GTA Online thing now, telling people to "Let it go"...why should we, because it's Rockstar? Bethesda with PS3 games, look at how horrible it was for PS3 owners yet these guys won the VGA GOTY and Best Studio...oh and don't forget the MGS Ground Zeroes fiasco when 13 years ago we were playing a prologue (Tanker Missions) to a MGS game without the need to pay extra for the full experience.

So yeah next time something happens in this industry don't be so quick to call someone because you never know what could happen.

I really don't want to see people sticking up for Ubisoft when the Division is close to releasing because people SHOULD be sceptical round then...and for bloody good reasons.

ZeekQuattro1660d ago

Many a gamer allow devs to fool them. Devs keep doing it because more often than not it works in spades.

masheen881660d ago

Did anyone ever consider that maybe the recently ( downgrade in graphics ) was simply the pc version with the graphics turned down. It was probably an acccident on their part.