Leave Lee Sin to the Players Please, LoL

Claudia writes, "When you first start playing Lee Sin, one of League of Legends’ 118 available champions, you’ll notice that he often says 'As balance dictates'. Riot is currently considering reworking Lee Sin, one of League of Legends’ most popular and notoriously difficult to play champions in the name of balance."

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nurd1537d ago

Not sure how Lee Sin is difficult to play and I don't see how it needs balance. There are much more stronger junglers this season: Kha'Zix, Elise, Vi, Wukong for example. The only thing that makes Lee Sin strong is his mobility, which if they nerf will completely ruin the champion.

saint_seya1537d ago

I dont know why they will nerf a champ that is balanced, and fun to play. Im not good at lee sin, but its really entertaining to see a good one playing.

I_am_Batman1537d ago

I'd definately count Pantheon to one of the strongest junglers right now. One could argue about Eve however not many people can play her right.

Lee Sin is very good in the early game but doesn't nearly bring as much to teamfights as a Pantheon or a Wukong.

nurd1536d ago

I agree, Pantheon is really strong but only when coupled with another champion that has a form of CC. Pantheon jungle and Annie support has really good synergy and it is working really well for teams in the NA LCS right now.