The Order: 1886 vs Watch Dogs-- Which game are you more excited for?

After rounding up the recent events surrounding The Order: 1886 and Watch Dogs, Rory explains which title he can't wait for.

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stonecold31536d ago

for me it would be the order 1886 .

Abash1536d ago

I'm excited for both, but my number one game Im excited for is inFamous: Second Son

Muffins12231536d ago

not a opinion in this Comment section for this article...

arika1536d ago

Hands down the order 1886 for me, but I would probably buy both. Im also interested with watchdog to me seems like gta in the near future setting with a mix of assasins creed while the order looks to be something fresh and the graphics on that game should be amazing since it wont be gimp down.

KendrickLamar1536d ago

After the utterly horrible downgrade of Watch_Dogs,

I'm now more excited for The Order 1886

bobtheimpaler1536d ago

More excited for the order too. Watch Dogs has never really interest me. The whole "Your phone is a weapon" just screams gimmick...To me it looks like Assassins Creed with a new skin and you just press the context sensitive square,x or a button to hack and kill people.

Much more hyped for Arkham Knight, gliding around gotham and using the batmobile. And that's out this year. THE GOD DAMN BATMAN. Until then I have Killzone Multiplayer, Second Son, Drive Club whenever that comes out, a load of Indies and F2P on the PS4 and a sizeable back catalog of PS3 games.

Pretty excellent year really.

Meltic1536d ago

Watch dogs right now. Cant wait to play an open World game with hacking and do whatever you want. The order seems fun allso but im getting both but Watch dogs first

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jay21536d ago

Well I'm buying both so ermmmmm Not sure.

GraveLord1536d ago

Watch Dogs. There's a lot more info on it and its coming out much sooner.

Muffins12231536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Plus that downgrade can only raise our hype for it even more right?

GraveLord1536d ago

Doesn't bother me that much. Sorry?

MrSwankSinatra1536d ago

I'm indifferent, i mean i want to play these games but i'm not overly hyped for either one of them.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1536d ago

Very Excited for both but 1886 The order wins because I love alternate histories.

When you tai sour world and change it some how. where watch dogs in in the world of today. The Order has a steampunk, good versus bad take on the game...

Where watchdogs. seem more like an Evil to fight Evil type thing. I could be very wrong but seem amore like a vigilantly in roles.

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