TowerFall: Ascension rises up as the Super Smash Bros. of indies (review) | GamesBeat

GamesBeat writes, "The best games can make people of any skill level crowd around a television and lose themselves for hours. One of them is Super Smash Bros. Another is TowerFall.

The connection isn’t a coincidence. Matt Thorson grew up playing Nintendo’s local-multiplayer fighter with his friends. His archery-arena game, TowerFall, stands out as one of the best titles on the Android microconsole Ouya. Both are highly addictive and make for fast-paced, competitive play that never feels the same twice. That’s why people have been playing Smash Bros. for years.

TowerFall: Ascension, an enhanced version of the original (with more modes, levels, and power-ups), is coming March 11 for PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s the Super Smash Bros. of the indie scene, but it could be a lot bigger."

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Raistlinhawke1659d ago

Some lofty comparisons made here, definitely going to follow up and check this game out.

3-4-51659d ago

Is it just fighting the ai then ?

ShadowPraxis1659d ago

If this means I don't have to buy a goddamned Ouya, then I'm all for it.

wita1659d ago

I'm actually kinda glad that the dev refused to add online multiplayer. I wish that were the case with more games.

Sadie21001659d ago

I can't wait to get this on the PS4! I played it on the Ouya, and that was already incredible. But it should be better with the PS4 controllers.

DigitalRaptor1659d ago

Quite a few indie games coming in march. Towerfall Ascension, Fez, Strike Suit Zero.

Will definitely be checking them out. and loads of new ones announced too. :)

Happy month, indeed.