Microsoft’s New Leadership is “Extremely Committed” to Xbox Going Forward, Phil Spencer Promises

There have been rumors about Microsoft's new leadership seeking ways to spin off the Xbox franchise, but Microsoft Game Studios Honcho Phil Spencer disagrees, as he told at SXSW14, where he's being interviewed by Geoff Keighley.

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Fireseed1622d ago

I'd say this should put the rumors of MS selling off the Xbox division, but let's be honest even if Spencer was tied to a chair and given a lie detector test kid's on here would still think he's lying.

-Foxtrot1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

We wouldn't know if he's lying or not, we don't know what goes behind closed doors in those business meetings...all he cares about is stopping people from panicking.

If he said he didn't know or that they are thinking about selling off the Xbox, stocks/shares go down but he tries to reassure people it's not getting sold then stocks/shares will hopefully stay the same.

Best to forget about this to be honest until they come to a firm decision in the future.

Kingthrash3601622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

agreed w fox
thats how businesses do things.
true or not
as outsiders of the company we only know what they tell us...hek even these "leaks" imo aren't leaks at all. leaks are the new announcements.
all these leaks, nobody fired...especially from has had a megaton of "leaks"...nobody fired, nobody pissed. the word leak just causes more hype than an announcement.

proving my point on the word "leak" look at the title of the article above this smh...the word leak no longer means secret information stolen and released to the public anymore.

lifeisgamesok1622d ago

I believe him and this is very good to hear

The Xbox One is going to be so successful

I'm excited to see the advancements of directx 12 and the future games Gears 4, Halo 5, Ryse 2, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive

nukeitall1622d ago

Or Spencer could just stay quiet, like most other people!

As far as I can tell, MS is very committed. Look at all the investments, the resources putin to make it a success both from exclusive games, first party studios, second and third parties, and the investment into cloud for Xbox Live and the goal of all in one entertainment.

If anything, MS isn't the one that had a leader depart unexplained recently with no other job, clsoure of studios and major cutbacks to the entire company, sell off buildings and etc.

If anything, all signs point to MS being very committed....

Pogmathoin1622d ago

Yea right Fox, Ktrash, you know if that was Cerny, it would be gospel.

DragonKnight1622d ago

How many people actually think Spencer would put his job on the line and say "Yeah, the new CEO is going to sell off Xbox."

Seriously people, did you really expect him or anyone at Xbox to come out and say something like that before any kind of official announcement, if there were one?

I'm not saying it's happening, but what is served in blindly accepting his statement in this?

-Foxtrot1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


Exactly, at the end of the day it's his job that would be on the line.

I mean no one is saying it's GOING to happen but would you really take Phil Spencer's word for it.....PHIL SPENCER, come on.

What if it did got sold, Phil's job could be on the line...who knows they might change things around in one massive clean up and he could be fired and he doesn't want that

As I've said it's best to forget about any of this "Xbox being sold off" stuff until the future when they come out and fully say 100% "We are selling off the Xbox branch". It's not happening now and all that's going to happen is speculation.


Cerny...what the hell has Mark Cerny got to do with this, way to change the bloody topic man. Cerny and Phil Spencer are very different people.


You know what ticks me off, you try and brush this off sensibly by saying "lets forget about all this" and you still get disagreed and your ass chewed off for it.

4Sh0w1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

No company can respond to every rumor but at the end of the day UNLESS you have something concrete that says different then the fair thing to do is take their word for it OR we could play the same rumor game with sony=

What about that rumor sony is laying off some if their best talent at Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog to save money, also cutting back resources which is why games infamous SS and The Order have no multi. Its said this is a bye product from sony overall financial crisis so they can't afford funding bigger games or proper advertising, even Jack Trentton is gone, could it be the big boss wants to cut him and pay someone else less, rumors are rumors but it would seem the company is trying to save money across the board.

hmmmm, so why aren't the ps fans more concerned about what's going on with sony? Last time ps fans focused so much on X1 games res not being native 1080p, its turned out sonys most high profile launch game multi wasn't either although they SAID it was.

Do you think sonys answer to these rumors would be nothing more than PR BS, or should we just take their word for it?

I say people should be careful what they wish for, while the ps elite fans are hoping and praying for micro bad news they just might find sony forced to make a big decision.

I prefer to worry more about my own house rather than my neighbors, ensure my bills get paid instead of gossiping about him losing his house.

Karma is a B.

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Mr Pumblechook1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"Phil spencer @XboxP3 says new MS leadership “extremely committed” to Xbox going forward."

Yeah. Forward into the arms of Amazon. [JOKE!] ;)

MightyNoX1622d ago

Id say it's more damning that they have to do this every few weeks. It doesn't matter if it's true or not, if the publics perception's that the Xbox is a sinking ship the it'll become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Fireseed1622d ago

Nah most likely they're listening to the new research that says ignoring trolls only makes things worse. Coming out and addressing things by putting people who make these false accusations in their place is more beneficial.

NegativeCreep4271622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Lets continue to be honest; if Phil Spencer and the stockholders of Microsoft really don't have such a commited long-term plan for the Xbox Division, they wouldn't admit it to consumers so soon anyway.

Nobody really believes the ship is actually sinking until they see the captain running for a lifeboat.

avengers19781622d ago

The new "leadership" is a person that wanted to sell the XB division, I wouldn't be to confident just yet

Clarence1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I don't think any company would tell that there not committed to a product that they produce. M$ was commited to zune as well.

andrewsqual1622d ago

So this confirms that before they weren't?

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Axios21622d ago

No kidding

Average is OVER 1,000,000 sales per month since launch from just 13 countries.

That's an average of over $500,000,000 in revenue EVERY month from just 13 countries, with numerous countries to be added Q4.

SG1_dapunisherX1622d ago

enjoy the games fuck the sales lol we not getting none of that profit.

greenlantern28141622d ago

Only they don't make 500$ per xb1 sold. That is 100% profit. Which no company makes selling anything. IDK what they are making per unit I just know it is not 500$ per unit.

AutoCad1622d ago

Question is if Sony is really committed to the PS brand enough to keep eating money..Sony in some tough financial times right now.

Hicken1622d ago

That's not a question at all.

At every step, Sony's shown they're committed to PlayStation. There haven't been any internal rumblings of Sony axing the PS division; that's only been a product of outsiders- particularly Xbox fanboys- and wishful thinking. The people in charge of Sony and PlayStation have never made any moves that would indicate they were getting rid of PlayStation. No board members or shareholders have ever voiced the opinion that the PS brand should be cut away.

And, of course, that's without considering that PlayStation is still among Sony's most profitable ventures.

Xbox is not in the same position. There actually HAVE been rumblings from WITHIN Microsoft about Xbox going away; and the guy in charge NOW has not only voiced his willingness to get rid of the division, but also has a history of putting brands in position to be sold off.

Microsoft is likely to axe Xbox if it's not making ENOUGH money; it doesn't have to be a failing division, just not doing well enough. Sony's not in a position to do the same; not to mention, the PlayStation brand is stronger worldwide than Xbox is.

Not the same situation. Not even close.

AutoCad1622d ago

if that makes you sleep better at night that props to you..Facts dont lie and surely numbers dont lie either.Is sony even making a profit of the PS4 system itself?

4Sh0w1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Link to one Xbox exec or verified shareholder who is on record saying they want or are thinking about selling off the xbox brand???

No rumors. No analyst. No unverified sources from unknown individuals.

So if you believe in rumors and your theory is "of course nobody is going to say it publicly", then we should believe rumors of sony poor financial problems are hurting the ps division as sony is trying to save money and scaling back everywhere, might have to make drastic cuts to more studios to save on overhead costs= "but of course they aren't going to say that publicly".

Rumors are rumors but logic dictates that the company struggling with profits is more likely to drop before the one with deep pockets and growing revenue. Hell it's already happening with the "restructuring" that when they starting laying off 5000 employees, closing stores, selling buildings, selling of laptop business, etc we were told it would have no affect on gaming, a couple months later, Sony Santa Monica hit with layoffs, high profile person from ND gone, Jack Trentton stepping out. Yet micro is in trouble? If we had seen these type of cuts from micro in the last 2 months I can only imagine all the ps elite making fun of xbox demise, but some pretty significant troubles coming out of sony gaming division and we should be more worried for xbox division. pffft, logic be dammed.

dcbronco1622d ago

Rumors of rumbling within MS. But every indication is that Xbox is making a ton of money for MS. If you look at it honestly and intelligently. So many people get taken in the stock market because they still don't get the game. Hicken seems to be in that group. Xbox losing money is stock manipulation. People inside MS know this. Gamers should understand how console production works and understand it better. The lack of that knowledge is why these silly rumors persist. Xbox makes tons of money.

pompombrum1622d ago

Hopefully it means going forward the right way and bringing the Xbox brand back to it's glory days like early on in the 360's life-cycle.

Father__Merrin1622d ago

those early 360 days are now far gone, lets wait out 12 months it will give us a better idea on how things have gone so far into this gen

RiPPn1622d ago

Sure Phil, you know all the goings on in management above your head, just like any other employee knows the goings on in their bosses offices.. right?

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