Don’t Pay Too Much For XBL or PSN Credit & Subscriptions

Video gaming is an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be as costly as you think. We all love buying new games, but renewing Xbox Live and Playstation Plus subscriptions is never something that makes us giddy with excitement. Writes Frugal Daz

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maxcon1653d ago

Heads up: this advertisement is disguised as an article.

UglyGeezer1653d ago

The article gives information about a number of retailers that are in competition with each other- and how to save money with them.

That's not an advertisement.

FrugalDaz1653d ago

If they were our own products I could understand where you are coming from, but they aren't.

nunley331653d ago

Maybe you could do mmo sub cards next and link to sites discounting them. I've only seen FFXIV cards for NA on amazon though.

munkimatt1653d ago

It's pretty clearly not an advert.

FrugalDaz1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

How's it an advertisement?

PONTIAC08G8GT1653d ago

Just buy your subscription from eBay. I get em for like $35 all the time. And they Emil code to you right away so no waiting.

FrugalDaz1653d ago

What is the full price for 12 months Gold in the US?

Kidmyst1653d ago

The key is don't wait until the last min. When I find a cheap deal for a year or Someone runs a promotion then I'd buy it for about hlf or less the actual price. My subscriptions don't expire until mid 2015.

DemonChicken1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

The guy that wrote the article is so behind, been doing this for more than a year. My PSN+ subscription expires in 13 years xD (crap maybe I went overboard =/)

1/2 from what was mentioned on the article but managed to snag a few from HMV for cheap cuz they were going into admin =p

FrugalDaz1653d ago

That was the point of writing it as there are still so many people that shell out full price or even worse pay the £5.99 per month to Microsoft.

supes_241653d ago

Thanks for the write up. I wasn't aware of this and I'll definitently be purchasing my next PS+ from the link you provided. The person above you didn't have to be such a prick, just because he knows about it doesn't mean the entire human race does, so thank you for making me aware.

nunley331653d ago

I've paid full the $50 for plus a few times since first having it over 3 years ago. But i did get an extra 3 months for doing that , if had seen it cheaper elsewhere i would've bought that. But i believe plus is worth the $50 so no complaints from me from doing that.

incredibleMULK1653d ago

Yeah especially if sony goes broke in the next 12 years! Hell of an Investment! Look out Donald Trump there is a new player in town. Demonchicken!

Or if they make online free again if xbox starts kickin their ass. I always wait until the last minute to renew xblive or ps+. especially with all the 7 day trial ones out there.

FrugalDaz1653d ago

I done that with my Xbox 360, stacked up a few years worth then sold my 360 to get a PS4! Not the most "Frugal" move ever.

wastedcells1652d ago

Did the same. I got plus for $30 no tax so I am good until 2018

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The story is too old to be commented.