A Video To Help You Decide If Watch Dogs Got Uglier This Week

This week, Ubisoft finally gave us a new release date for Watch Dogs, and with it a new trailer and gameplay footage. That teaser caused a lot of teeth around the internet to chatter as folks discussed whether how it looks now is a downgrade from how it looked when it was announced at E3 2012.

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Hellsvacancy1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Well done Ubisoft, you delay a game to "polish" it but somehow make it look much worse

It really makes me worried for The Division which looks too good to be true

Naga1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Such noticeable changes really pique the curiosity for those of us who were waiting in earnest anticipation of a game that looked so ready for release last year. A downgrade this substantial raises all sorts of questions.

Why the changes? Was it just a matter of sacrificing visuals for quality elsewhere? Is there some additional content using the resources? ... Or perhaps we should ask what sort of hardware the demonstrations last year were really running on?

I don't think we've come close to seeing the end of this one.

hakis861594d ago

It´s such BS that this is happening. Judging from the IGN Livestream of Infamous: Second Son, THAT game looks like the PC-demo of Watch Dogs, FFS! If not better!

Oh well... waiting for the Digital Foundry analysis, should be an interesting read!

mkis0071594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

One thing that confused me is at 1:02 they show a scene from the 2014 trailer of the dock and then the 2013 trailer...the 2014 trailer looks noticeably less blurry.(this is as labeled) Then they show the 2013 with a sweeping effect to the 2014 trailer and it looks like they mislabeled them or something... when they were doing the image swap back and forth the labels are reversed from when they showed them separately.

GrizzliS19871594d ago

whats sad is that most of you guys call your selves gamers.

nothing but whiney noobs :/

yes i notice graphics got downgraded, but it still looks decent. Im sure you can max out your PC specs if you want to play the game in the future. They wouldnt make the game uglier if the hardware can handle it, obviously it couldnt. Why blame the devs? they are still trying to give you the best experience possible, even if it means hurting the graphics a tiny bit, they might give you a few extra frames in the process.

chill the fk out

zeal0us1594d ago

Something people don't realize one(PC version) is running on a gaming pc rig build for this E3 demo/presentations. Which are expensive and very high-end.

Remember Battlefield 4 E3 demo? AMD reported that was ran on $4,000 pc.

Naga1594d ago

@ zeal0us

That's fair to say, but not all of the promising footage which raised everyone's hopes was said to be running on a PC. Rather, there were a handful of extremely impressive demonstrations which were said to be running on final PS4 hardware.

SilentNegotiator1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The pre-PS4 super-high-end PC footage (obviously) looks better, but I'm not seeing this massive downgrade between last year and this year that people are ranting and raving about, other than maybe a slight downgrade in the lighting.

Are people just confused by the fact that the situations shown aren't the same, like the car with and without the helicopter spotlight, or the rain vs no rain? Because the one shot has leaves and the other doesn't?

Then again, this video is COMPRESSED TO OBLIVION, so maybe I'm just not seeing it through the ridiculous blur.


To be honest, the last part of the comparison video makes me think that the last trailer was PS3 footage. I mean look at the resolution and IQ difference. Also I remeber seeing a video last year showing the PS3/X360 versions in which Ayden's trenchcoat barely moves when running comapred to the next-gen versions. The last part of the video clealry shows the difference. I don't think it is the PS4 otherwise, it would have been downgraded to... PS3 level?

Meltic1594d ago

probably just different lighting due to different time

DOMination-1594d ago

The downgrade is hugely noticeable and I blame Xbox One for not being able to handle this game and its stupid policy that means ps4 version has to be dumbed down and equal.

God damn you MS. Literally ruining this game for the majority and no doubt many more in the future

Alsybub1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )


That's not how the policy you refer to works. It applies to content and features, not graphics.

Is this not a case of high-end PC vs console? Also, as mentioned above, how do we know that the really bad video of a driving section is not PS3/360? The vehicle model in that part doesn't marry with those in any of the rest of the video.

rdgneoz31594d ago

"They wouldnt make the game uglier if the hardware can handle it, obviously it couldnt."

If MS felt like it, they could try to throw around their weight using one of their old 3rd party clauses.

"Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available," it reads.

"If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360."

Key words being "features" and "content." If it got the new version and PC / PS4 got the original (with better graphics, the effect of explosions on nearby cars, etc), MS would raise hell. You would too if you got Big Rigs and your neighbor got GT/Forza. And if the game was already running that good on the PC and PS4, with never having shown footage of the xbone version, what do you suspect was the cause of the downgrade? They did try to hide the PS4 button layout for the "xbone" video...

abzdine1594d ago

i don't understand why it's suddenly a problem with this game.
this practice has been used for so long, especially with Ubisoft the kings of scam.
We saw it recently with Ryse and i'm pretty sure Quantum Break will be the same, mark my words!

Syleros1588d ago

You guys have no idea what you are talking about, 90% of the side by side scenes weren't even the same scenes or areas, also they are taken entirly different times of day. I mean it could be that you mouthbreathing nerds have no idea what sunlight looks like, this is understandable and forgivable

But to say that it is a noticable decrease in quality is just ignorant.

also given the fact that several of the scenes are comparison between the live demo and a television commercial, TV comercials are formatted differently than a live PC demo. you have to take all these factors into consideration before making judgment calls.

the devs worked incredibly hard to make the game more polished and fun to play for everyone.

get the game or don't thats fine, but don't sit behind your monitor and make judgment calls about the integrity of a company who have done nothing but produce quality AAA titles for the past 8 years or so, based on a side by side video of 2 completly different scenes, not only in location, but atmosphere caused by lighting and weather.

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delicia1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Game looked ugly on PS4 when I saw it last year (closed doors live demo). The car mechanics were bad. Guess the delay did not help much, because it looks similar to what I saw in October. Oh well.

cheetah1594d ago

I am gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that this one might have a really strict review embargo, ala Ryse, Alien etc

Had zero interest for this game since I first saw it. GTA5 perfected the genre and everyone else is just imitating.

spicelicka1593d ago

Why the main character look like a homeless handyman

KendrickLamar1594d ago

Nope, nope, nope, I can't take it, I'm so pissed.

I really was looking forward to this game. How could Ubisoft continuously say that the graphics got better...? IT'S FREAKING DOWNGRADED AND THEY NEED TO ADMIT IT!

A few days ago when it was rumored that Ubisoft were "frightened" off of the reactions to the game, they better be.

I'm literally on edge on whether i should cancel my pre-order or not, most likely I will though.

Geekman1594d ago

Dude, I'm TIRED of saying this to you people! It DOESN'T matter! It looks DECENT. It's downgraded from before yes, but it doesn't look like crap. So you would cancel a game you've been looking forward to simply because of graphics. I'm TIRED of "gamers" sould dedication to graphics! There's a @#$%ton of games that didn't have amazing graphics that were amazing, and ANOTHER @#$%ton of games that DID have amazing graphics that were horrible. Something as stupid as this isn't worth cancelling a pre-order.

Unreal011594d ago


Yes! Completely agree, it's such a shame that most games will only get recognised nowadays by how good their graphics were, when it should be how well it plays. As long as the graphics are suitable I don't see the problem. I mean, what happens when graphics become photo-realistic? People will move on to something else I imagine. Look at a game like Halo for example, the graphics are always pretty average at best, but people love it.

DeadIIIRed1594d ago

It's a little different when a game garnered so much hype based off amazing visuals. If this game had a unique art direction I might agree with you, but they were focusing heavily on graphical fidelity for a long time. Now that the game looks like a last-gen port we should just be happy Ubisoft is even releasing the game?

We were misled and misinformed again by Ubisoft and if people decide to vote with their wallets against such practices, how can you be against that as a gamer?

classic191594d ago

kendrick, drops some more tracks bro, where u at. i think the game will look fine on ps4.

dcj05241594d ago

To be fair, most gameplay was in the rain/wet which could hide a lot of ugly textures.

Dee_911594d ago

Yea the game looks decent now, but what we fell in love with originally looked amazing.. So its obvious a lot of the love or hype has went away. Like I said before, if the game looked like this day one, I doubt many people would have an issue with it.It also probably wouldn't have gotten as much as attention either.

Ittoryu1594d ago

@Geekman I have to totally disagree that video makes it clear the Demo looked really good but the down grade makes the final version look like crap plain and simple. I will wait til the game actually releases and pick this up at redbox if it's any good then Ill pick up my preorder if not then I'll just roll the money into Destiny.

MeteorPanda1594d ago

l love when people say more graphics but don't know how much work it entails... this game looks like it'll have a lot of things happening besides the visuals, to have a ps4 playing smoothly they may of close beta'd the game and figured the graphics had to be cut a bit to prevent lag. the game still looks nice, sharp not blurry...

/shrug. l'm a lover of graphics too but l know when it's a good idea to cut back if it effects gameplay.

I wish there was a another title for people who genuinely love the games for the sake of fun then "gamers" seeing as that title has been sullied in recent years...idiots chanting like football fans over anything.


While I agree graphics is not everything in a game, I am sorry but I didn't pay £400+ for a machine to play games that have an experience and visual quality on par with last gen...

If the gameplay is going to be on par with a game last gen then I at least expect the graphics to be leap ahead.

It looks "DECENT"... Yes it does... for a last gen game!

For a game that is suppose to be pushing next gen hardware and no doubt will have an asking price of the standard £50 (depending where you buy) plus that fact that it was delayed etc... it looks like utter garbage!!

I am hoping, and I mean really hoping that this is all a big mistake and somewhere along the lines the PR guys simply got their video clips mixed up or something but looking at that video, ACBF looks like a better next gen upgrade!

This makes me very, VERY, worried about the Division and if that game will really deliver what they have shown so far.

we will have to wait and see but right now WD is not getting any money from me!

T21593d ago

@Geekman - you are tired of saying this to "you People"... then stop already. If you want to hype a next gen game that looks worse than GTAV on ps3 then you go right ahead.
I'll pick it up bargain bin style at 19.99. When you move to next gen you expect next gen. If not, then I may as well go back to GTA online, why would I drop 60 bucks for a new game which is downgraded, so yes visuals do make part of a game. obviously.

Syleros1588d ago

"Now that the game looks like a last-gen port we should just be happy Ubisoft is even releasing the game?"

Are you sure it looks like a last gen port? have you played it on your PS4, or Xbox one at your home? oh wait, no the game isn't released till may 27th, over 3 months away. even if they printed the discs already, they can still push a day 1 update to load the better polished terrain and models. I like how people can state facts on what is what when they have no first hand perspective on the subject. it is clear and simple that this comparison vidoe is from the perspective of a total amateur, and should be taken extreamly lightly untill we have the actual release copy. this game play could have been a less polished demo, just to experience game play features.

I watch a video that showed "proof" that we didn't land on the moon, I guess cause it was a video on the internet it holds absolute facts.

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Marcello1594d ago

Dont trust Ubisoft or you will be dissapointed. Since AC4BF they are on my sh!tlist, PC port is awful, 5 months on & V-sync is still broken !!


Ps4 version is sublime tho...

-Foxtrot1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I've been saying for the past few months now

"How can you delay a game THIS LONG to simply polish it"

Yet I'm hit with disagrees and snide comments saying how they'll be able to make it "look better"

Well guess doesn't look better

Hell if your a gamer waiting to get this on the Wii U then you should be asking yourself

"Hey...if this game looks downgraded from last years E3 on the PS4 and the Xbox One then what the shit snacks are they doing with the Wii U version since it's delayed"

starchild1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

There is no evidence of a downgrade from the PS4 gameplay from last year. All the assets and graphical techniques look to be the same quality to me. All I see are different lighting and weather conditions.

There has been a bit of a downgrade from the E3 2012 demo, but that was before the consoles were even announced and it was running on a PC.

Beastforlifenoob1594d ago

TBH exactly what I was thinking the graphics look slightly worse but the majority is because of different conditions

Dusk VS day
rain vs no rain
Wind vs no wind
Spotlight vs no spolight

Looking at the assets, textures, details, physics and such we can determine the changes have been minimal

psman0121594d ago

Polishing isnt necessarily increasing the visuals. It can include that, as well as gameplay tweaks, audio bugs, code changes, optimization, etc. I really hope that the gameplay is improved (not that any of us would know how it was in the first place). I would imagine it to be gameplay issues they're fixing. Would you rather play a beautiful game with half assed mechanics, or a great looking game with excellent mechanics? I would personally choose the latter, but everyone has their own opinions, and none of them are wrong!

CERN1594d ago

The graphics are definitely downgraded. I will rent the game to try it out. If I enjoy it, then I'd probably buy it.

TWB1594d ago

They did this with Far Cry 3, now Watch Dogs and will probably carry on with The Division.

They like to demo their games with ridiculous graphical fidelity and then downgrade them to hell and back. Far Cry 3 experienced mostly downgrading with very little upgrading (character models got better along with some of the animations, just like what seem to have happened with Watch Dogs)

Saithraphim1594d ago

I agree with you, I'm worried about the Division also...All I hope is that the game play make up for any lack in the visuals

Up_N_U1594d ago

oh no the division will be the same......on PC lol ps4 looks like ps3.2

Eddie201011594d ago

Most of the E3 footage was said to be on PS4 and it looked great, they never showed any Xbox One footage that I Know of. It gets delayed to make the game better, yet the graphics get downgraded. Anyone ever think that it may be because of Xbox One and Microsoft parity clause? Maybe they thought if the PS4 version looks significantly better than the Xbox One version that it would hurt the sales of the game on Xbox One. We all know they want to sell as many copies as possible.

Maybe it's not the case but seems very plausible to me.

CoLD FiRE1594d ago

Both the PS4 and Xbox One are underpowered when compared to PC. Deal with it!

Eddie201011594d ago

Not Talking about PC. Deal with it.

I build PC's and have one that handles all games very well at max settings. I also have many consoles. Both have there place and there own advantages.

I don't feel the need to be an elitist PC Ass.

CoLD FiRE1594d ago

Wait! So you're crying that the PS4 version of Watch Dogs "may be" was downgraded because of the Xbox One but dismissed the FACT that PC is never fully utilized and gets dumbed down crappy ports because of consoles.

I'm no PC elitist, I enjoy my consoles too but I don't go around throwing out conspiracy theories and thinking that one of two underpowered consoles is holding back the other when the truth is that both are very similar and don't even compare to a gaming PC from 3 years ago.

The fact that most multiplats run at slightly higher resolutions on the PS4 than the Xbox One shows that developers are trying to get every bit of power they can out of both consoles. The graphics downgrade in Watch Dogs is simply due to the hardware limitations of these consoles and you have to accept that.

With all that said I agree with your point about the two having their own place and advantages.

Angeljuice1594d ago


The reason PC games are never fully optimised is because only a few PC's could run them, so why bother coding.

The top 5-10% of PC's aren't going to receive fully optimised code ever, why would you put in the effort for such a small market.
Then factor in the big fat legacy-ridden, lumbering Direct X and you have all the answers as to why PC's consistently under-perform.

ebreda1593d ago

Really? Stupid post is stupid.
So there's also a Wii U version of the game.. that's clearly not the one that could me limiting, right? It HAS to be XB's.

Eddie201011593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

@CoLD Fire

I offered an explanation about the graphics being down graded on PS4. I am not crying about any thing. It's not a conspiracy that Microsoft has a Parity clause in there Xbox contracts. Many journalist saw the game running on PS4 at E3 and many other events before they down graded the graphics and said it ran and looked great.

You first are a PC elitist now you are crying about how consoles hold PC games back. your just an argumentative douche who thinks he knows it all. you first response was just a Ass H6le comment your second is just a whiny excuse.

Don't need or require your agreement on any thing.


Wii U is closer to PS3 an XBox 360 than to PS4 and Xbox One. It was just an upgrade to last gen technology.

Maybe the both of you are just pissed because I said something about Microsoft and Xbox One.

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xtremeimport1594d ago

Does the new footage look bad?

Does it look worse than before?

If we never saw the game before no one would be talking about its visuals, but because we've seen this transition its got people talking and unfortunately not focusing on the positives of the game.

irepbtown1593d ago

If it looks worse than GTA V (which is only on PS3/360) then questions will be raised, whether we saw the gorgeous E3 demo or not.

numNuts1594d ago

Its going to be exactly the same. The gfx in The Div look to good to be true.

osprey191594d ago

First, the ones shown at e3 were done on a high end pc, so it will look better.
second, the gameplay on the right is showing mainly during the day, which means it didn't get a chance to show off the weather effects like rain or wind. I still think itll look brilliant.

SonofGod1594d ago

Thank god The Division is next-gen and PC only.

house1594d ago

its going to be on consoles as well.

SonofGod1594d ago

@ house

I meant next-gen consoles and pc -_-

Sevir1594d ago

AGAIN... The 2012 demonstration of WD ran a GTX 690 PC.... we know that the PS4 and XBOX ONE dont have a GTX 690 performance... So naturally when its shown off on consoles confirmed to be weaker it was to be expected that the next gen consoles weren't gonna look as good as the PC version that was debuted...

How silly can people be to get upset when PS4 and XBOX were both 8 and 11 months away respectively from when Ubisoft demonstrated and announced a new franchise on PC?

This video just shows what we already know... There was an article posted by Digital foundary days after the E3 2013 demo of watch_dogs with debut PS4 footage in comparison to the same announcemnet demo back in 2012... and it was Posted on N4G... let me rejog everone's memory! because everyone was actually pleased at how close the PS4 came to the 2012 debut.

That was Jul 15th 2013, 1 year following the debut footage on PC...

JunkyardWillie1594d ago

This guy Sevir is still reading over his keyboard in denial that this game has downgraded. Smh, at these gullible fanboys.

irepbtown1593d ago

Yes we expected a downgrade, but I for one expected it to look better than GTA V which it doesn't. I was expecting something close to this:

GamingTruth1592d ago

only question is if the gtx 690 can run ps4 exclusives my guess is it cant so multiplats mean little since they are made for pc first

Cha0tik1594d ago

It's very obvious why they did this. I'm not trying to sound like a fan boy but they did this to have the frame rate and resolution comparable to the weaker consoles so nobody could compare them after it's released on weaker consoles. Not going to say which are the weaker ones because I'm sure you guys already know.

If the game was released back when originally planned most likely the issues they were having were frame rate issues across all platforms including the PS4. Now while they could just optimize this for PS4 they would have had to downgrade the visuals on the other consoles in order to provide the same experience without making the other consoles look like the weaker consoles. Keep in mind that this was before the Resolution and frame rate wars on consoles started between the PS4 and Xbone. Maybe Ubisoft was trying to play both sides and in order to do that they had to "Polish" the game.

Aloren1594d ago

What is very obvious is that you're paranoid and/or delusional if you actually think that anyone at ubi thought it would be a good plan to significantly downgrade a game on one system just so that the other system doesn't look as bad, especially if their objective was to prevent people from comparing them when the games come out (not to mention they never did that).

They knew people would compare with what they've already seen, and they also know people always compare the different versions of a game...

Also,by now you should be aware that the overall look of the game doesn't dramatically change when its resolution change. It looks a bit sharper, a bit better; but it's not like people playing a game in 900p on one console after playing it in 1080p on another console start puking and bleeding from the eyes...

What happened is that neither ps4 nor xboxone can handle what was shown in 2012 n a pc with a GPU that is still more expensive than both consoles combined two years later...

Cha0tik1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

@aloren LOL they do it all the time. What the hell are you talking about? Plus I said other CONSOLES meaning more than one. This is a multi platform for both last gen and current gen. Yes, Over all look can help the resolution if the graphics are less demanding which in this case may be the reason why they "polished" the game. They did it with Final Fantasy 13 when it went multi platform last generation. On top of that you obviously didn't know that WatchDogs before it being "Polished" was actually running on PS4 hardware. They didn't make the trailers out of pure CG which is why the video above are using two GAMEPLAY trailers... One being a 2013 GAMEPLAY trailer and the other being the just released 2014 GAMEPLAY trailer. I'll do you a favor and take your ignorance to another level and send you a message containing the 15 min video of them playing it on the console showing the open world gameplay which was dated September 2013. Stick to your typical reading and do us a favor by not commenting in the future. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

Aloren1593d ago

Sure, you said consoles, cause there are more than ones. You also said "Not going to say which are the weaker ones because I'm sure you guys already know.".

Anyway, I've seen your video last year. You misunderstand my point. Back then I thought the same thing as I do now. "Neat, though not as good looking as in the reveal trailer". I just don't think that new trailer looks as bad as some of you seem to imply.

Also, instead of worrying about my ignorance, you might want to see how the game looks and plays in a few weeks instead of watching over and over a slow motion gif of a car lit up by an helicopter and jumping on a bridge highlighted for interaction. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Cha0tik1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

@aloren I'm going to buy it regardless and in sure I'm going to love the game but I'm speaking based on what I see above and what I saw in the video sent. The graphics have been downgraded and and that quote referred to both Xbone and Wii U both being weaker consoles by specs and performance so far. I see your point but I also have good eyes. Gameplay doesn't seem to have changed but graphics defiantly have and that's all in speaking about as well as your comment about overall look not drastically help resolution which isnt true as well as your comment of consoles not being able to run it. Both being untrue. Till the game comes out this is what I see and I had an opinion on what I see as do everyone else and it concerns us.

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SITH1594d ago

Yeah I have to admit, I am worried about division. I will pass on watchdogs.

Cha0tik1594d ago

LOL damn! You don't think it's worth buying anymore?

Meltic1594d ago

The division and ubisoft in montreal isnt the same team lol. The division team is from MALMO sweden and Watch dogs team is from montreal.

Sideras1594d ago Show
rhcpfan1594d ago

You guys do realize downgrades like this happen quite often right? Final builds rarely end up looking as good as their E3 counterparts.

assdan1594d ago

It looks "worse" graphically, that's it. You do realize you've probably only been shown PC gameplay, right?

Hellsvacancy1593d ago played with a PS4 controller