Is the Xbox One Fated to Fail?

RTR "Microsoft announced the Xbox One in the coming months after the Playstation 4's reveal, the path it has taken since then has been one plagued by scrutiny, skepticism, and uncertainty in the eyes of many gamers. With not even a year under its belt, can we already assume that Microsoft's latest console is fated for failure? Through-and-through I am a Xbox fan. I own an Xbox 360, I have an Xbox One, and I even plan on replacing my android phone with a Windows phone, but that is just the fanboy in me. Though, I want people to be well informed what they are getting into when they buy an Xbox One and why currently I consider it to be a leap of faith."

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NYC_Gamer1592d ago

Xbox 1 doesn't have a chance of outselling PS4 but the console could win 2nd place

SardoNumspa1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Yes, the XB1 doesn't have any chance of beating the PS4 in sales. The PS4 is outselling the XB1 by some 800k consoles each month now. And the PS4's installed base is close to double the XB1's already. And all this when the PS4 is out of stock almost everywhere with new stock selling out almost immediately.

Right now the Wii U is outselling the XB1 in worldwide sales. And that is with Microsoft frantically throwing everything they have at retailers to move all those unsold XB1 off store shelves with discounts and other store incentives. They are even giving away the one game that is suppose to 'save the XB1'.

Nintendo has a much greater chance of coming in second to the PS4. The big Nintendo franchises are finally arriving - 3D Mario, Smash, Mario Kart, and finally a new Zelda. And the Wii U is ready to take off in sales with a price cut down to the 200-250 dollar range that will be incredibly tempting for massive numbers of console gamers to pick up as their 2nd console to the PS4.

And the fact that Nintendo, like Sony, is strong in all three major console regions: Japan, the US, and Europe. While once again the XB1 will be stuck with relying almost entirely on the US and UK for sales. And even worse for Microsoft is they no longer have the RRoD fiasco inflating their sales numbers this gen.

The XB1 has so many problems working against it: price, crappy graphics hardware, the massively hated Kinect, dead in Japan, dead in mainland Europe, calls for Microsoft to dump the Xbox division, the new Xbox head is a guy with a history of dismantling the companies he heads.

mcarsehat1592d ago

who the f*&% cares! jesus.

This topic is over 2 months old at minimum, stop going on about it. No one normal cares anymore and everyone normal is getting annoyed at going back to a history lesson.

SardoNumspa1592d ago

And since mcarsehat asked so nicely...

Looking back at Xbox history, the first Xbox failed in the marketplace with only about 23 million sales worldwide. Just like the XB1 it was dead in all console markets other than the US and UK. With the RRoD no longer inflating sales like the Xbox 360 and the much more expensive price, it is hard to imagine the XB1 outselling the first Xbox in worldwide sales.

Hard to call that anything but a failure for Microsoft and the XB1.

mcarsehat1592d ago

And? how does that benefit anyone? how does it benefit the industry? "Oh a games console might fail, that sounds good." It's a load of balls, why would anyone in their right mind want a games console to fail? All "gamers" do is complain. for the past year or so, so called "gamers" have turned into spoilt brats that aren't happy unless they have the nicest looking games with the best kind of gameplay in the best consoles that should be more powerful than PCs, but don't mention PCs or you become a monster.

you have people putting so much time and effort to make this kind of tech and the people blamed are the ones trying to make a living but no one sees them, it's only Microsoft. Yes, big bad companies do make the world a big scary place don't they, no wonder you all hate them, they make the world out to be the not so friendly place kids and teenagers think it is, when people grow up they turn into "hipsters" (or average 18 - 25 year olds to be exact)and start hating (not hating ON, JUST HATING) things that make you scared of the big scary world you're about to venture into as adults. grow up and except it, 99% of you will not change the world, it's just an entertainment medium.

The more i think about it, the more i see this:

now get some fookin Quantum Break/ The Order 1886 news on instead of this deja vu-news.

Kiwi661592d ago

how can the xb1 be dead in japan when it hasn't even been released there yet geez i swear some people are just plain stupid

doolin_dalton1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@BigFnHooters, err I mean Rig Master, err I really mean SardoNumspa

"The big Nintendo franchises are finally arriving - 3D Mario, Smash, Mario Kart, and finally a new Zelda"

What about the big Xbox franchises? Are you just going to pretend they don't exist? You know, the franchises like Halo and Gears that are the top proven system sellers.

By the way, Xbox One was the #1 selling console in the last U.S. chart, and that's two weeks BEFORE Titanfall. Sure, it's only one week, but it shows which way the tide is turning.

The fear in your multiple accounts keeps showing. You know that Titanfall, Halo, and Gears will pull the Xbox One to the PS4's level, so you try to declare victory before the best players have even taken the field.

Not to mention, you are taking sales from the slowest month of the year and projecting it out over a full year. If it helps you sleep at night to believe that Xbox one will sell just 140,000 EVERY month, even when Titanfall, Halo, and Gears come out, go right ahead. Non-delusional gamers know the truth.

ITPython1592d ago

"And even worse for Microsoft is they no longer have the RRoD fiasco inflating their sales numbers this gen. "

Well I think all the XB1 giveaways MS has done thus far covers that aspect. I got a bag of Doritoes the other day which has an old XB1 giveaway on it, and the bag states "Between 9PM and 2AM, we are giving away an XB1 every 2 minuets".

The dates for this giveaway was December 9th through January 17th. So lets do some math to see how much they padded the XB1 sales from this single giveaway.

12/9 - 1/17 = 40 days.

Minuets between 9 PM and 2 AM = 300 minuets.

40 days * 300 minuets = 12,000 minuets.

So if they gave away an XB1 every 2 minuets then:

12,000 / 2 = 6,000 consoles given away.

So from just that one giveaway (they had tons of other ones) they added 6,000 XB1 sales to their totals.

Based on how many contests they had during December, it is no wonder they gave the PS4 a run for it's money that month. Not because people were buying the console, but because MS was giving them away and counting them as sales.

I wouldn't be surprised if 1/4th of the total XB1 'sales' are from contest giveaways and even replacements for faulty consoles.

doolin_dalton1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )


Perhaps you could do the math to figure out how many PS4's Taco Bell gave away. Of course that would require fairness, something you don't seem to be interested in.

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SG1_dapunisherX1592d ago

ms only cares one thing profit.. last gen ms was number 1 in software sales that where the money are at.

kratoz12091592d ago

Its gunna be tough for them to beat the PS3

TheSaint1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

To anyone saying 'who cares?' Well, you should.

If one system has a significantly larger user base than the other, where do you think exclusives are going to be more likely to land?

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Axios21592d ago


Based on number provided by Sony to prove PS4 is selling well in 57 countries, the answer is that X1 is selling very well, especially considering it's only in 13 countries.

So, if you consider the:


a failure, then X1 is still selling better at month 3 then:

PS1 sold at month 10
PS2 sold at month 7
PS3 sold at month 4

=4 months (one territory) – March 31st, 1995 – 0.85 million
-10 months – September 30th, 1995 – 1.77 million
-16 months – March 31st, 1996 – 4.26 million
-22 months – September 30th, 1996 – 8.07 million
-28 months – March 31st, 1997 – 13.50 million

1 month (one territory) – March 31st, 2000 – 1.41 million
7 months (one territory) – September 30th, 2000 – 3.52 million
13 months – March 31st, 2001 – 10.61 million
19 months – September 30th, 2001 – 19.58 million
22 months – December 30th, 2001 – 24.99 million

1 month – December 31st, 2006 – 1.7 million
4 months – March 31st, 2007 – 3.5 million
7 months – June 30th, 2007 – 4.2 million
10 months – September 30th, 2007 – 5.5 million
13 months – December 31st, 2007 – 10.4 million

Agent-861592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Geeze, what a troll and I see why you have one bubble. You post the same exact thing in every XB1 vs PS4 article. Yes, the XB1 had a good launch, but so did the WiiU and look at where it is now. All the XB1 sales were front-loaded at launch with early adopters and sales for it since the first of the year have been abysmal. I'd say they'd be lucky to hit 8 million by the end of 2014. That would be a 13 month total and place them below both the PS2 and PS3. Meanwhile, the PS4 will probably be at 12+ million by then. By the way, the actual article was a good read and has some good suggestions for how Xbox can turn it around. This wasn't a XB1 bashing article and was written by a self-proclaimed Xbox fan.

mark3214uk1592d ago

you can tell what a guys comment is going to be like,by looking at his bubbles :)

gamer20131592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

You're obvious hurt over some facts that seem to show the X1 in a positive light is both pathetic and disturbing. Why does it bother you so much? Xbox isn't going anywhere so just grow up and except it.

Agent-861592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@gamer2013, I'm not hurt in the least nor am I bothered. I'm primarily a PC gamer and get amused by these console wars. Plus his facts don't show the XB1 in a positive light. They just showed that they had a good launch. But, as I said, so did the WiiU. What matters is what happens after launch and the news has not been good for XB1. Maybe you should just grow up and accept that.

Plus, can't people read articles anymore. This was a well written article by an Xbox fan. He presents a history of the XB1 and its missteps. He also has some good thoughts on how to turn it around. Maybe the title gave the impression, but this wasn't an XB1 bashing article. It was kind of on the long side, but it was still a good read. N4G readers just seem to react to titles and go into their fanboy arguing mode.

doolin_dalton1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

"N4G readers just seem to react to titles and go into their fanboy arguing mode."

You're really going to open that can of worms? Look at your first sentence:

"Geeze, what a troll and I see why you have one bubble."

You're every bit as bad as you accuse him of being - at least he didn't resort to childish name calling like you did. He presented ACTUAL FACTS. You had no facts, just your biased OPINION about where PS4 and Xbox One sales will be at the end of the year.

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RiPPn1592d ago

You do realize the reason Microsoft chose the countries they did? It's because those are the countries they compete in. The remaining countries they only get a very small slice of market share, and they would be lucky if those remaining countries added another 250k to their totals. You really need to quit trying to justify your purchase of the xbox one by finding random reasons your system of choice is not selling well and just realize it is not going to be the system of choice this generation.

ZombieDust1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Except it would seem, especially on this site, ps4 fans need to justify their purchase. Why else would they bash the x1 to no end, especially if they have this great system to play (you know instead of bitch on the Internet)? Now fans of each system are both doing this, but damn, the amount of ps4 fans bashing the x1 is unreal. Realize I am not defending either console, nor do I have one of them. Although I have played both and they are both great, which brings me to my next thought: what is the point of any of this?
Console preference comes down to one thing, and thats your preference of games.

Elzer1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Usually when you speak the truth here on n4g you tend to have only one bubble.... I have 2 bubbles =)

Direct x 12 FTW! Only means that it's not based on the 7000series. Do some research. Sorry you guys but xbox one just got real! Xbox one will win this generations console war with tiled resources. If ps4 were to imitate something similar it would have to be through software and that would put a lot of strain on the system... Xbox one on the other hand was a 2014 console built with direct x 12 in mind to take advantage of this set up. Explains their 3 billion DOLLAR investment with AMD. (Did everyone really forget about that $3,000,000,0000) that money alone is self explanatory. Now you guys understand xbox one and the ESRAM. There more to Xbox ones hardware that are still unknown. Funny how sony is just now showing their CPU CLOCKSPEED IN WAY THAY WOULD MAKE YOU THING THEIR SYSTEM IS POWERFULL COMPARING IT TO THE PS2...

Let the disagrees come.....

SonyStyled1592d ago

i speak the truth and i have plenty of bubz. but i didnt realize you have the ability to be able to predict the future. you know, claiming xb1 will win this console war. thats opinion my man. by the way could you please tell us about how the whole ukraine fiasco is going to turn out?

Lowsnamebrand1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Please go back to misterxmedia's blog and when you do ask him why his insiders and him both misspell basic words like bye. While your at it ask yourself why your getting fed BS from someone who has a blog,but no grasp on how to spell words correctly or use spell check. I mean damn he magically found a stacked chip but spelled bye bye Sony like buy buy Sony wtf.

Wh15ky1592d ago

You don't have a clue what you're talking about. That's why you have two bubbles and that's why you think one bubble trolls "speak the truth".

Elzer1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

You all don't have any raw facts to argue against my case. All you guys can refer back to is mistermediax, me trolling, or just something to downplay what I have said. Don't even bother to lay out the specs on the ps4.... Such a useless comparison at this point when you don't have the whole story. It's easy to predict a console winner this generation since it seems like everyone hopped on to the sony bandwagon since it's "the most powerful console" therefore when xbox one is the more powerful console, everyone will hop on: History provides a good prediction of the future. $3,000,000,000 enough said. Debunk that my friends. Let's see who trolls the 3 billion dollar investment....

saint_seya1592d ago

I dont really know if you are trolling, been delusional, naive or what... X-box one, wasnt, isnt, and wont be more powerfull or even on par with Ps4.
It doesnt mean it wont get games that will look good, but if those games are in both consoles will perform better on Ps4.

Fact1011592d ago

Hmmm seems like even this guy above can't argue against you claims @elzer. I'm not disagreeing or agreeing with you but you do have a point about the 3billion dollars.

ITPython1592d ago

@Elzer - So I assume you know how to turn lead into gold? Cause that's as likely as the XB1 somehow magically outperforming the PS4 even though it has inferior hardware.

You can call a lemon an apple all you want, but it will still be a lemon no matter what you believe it is. You can even color it to be the same color as an apple... but it's still a lemon.

The amount of straw grasping the Xbox camp is doing with all this DX12 secret sauce stuff is incredibly sad. The XB1 hardware is its ultimate limitation, they can optimize and update the software all they want... but the hardware will only be able to do so much, and even when it reaches it's peak and goes as far as it can go, the PS4's hardware will still be significantly better.

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Wh15ky1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Yet, even though microsoft only have 13 countries to concentrate their efforts on


Even though the PS4 is regularly out of stock in most of those 13 countries


even though the xbox one is almost always readily available...

The ps4 consistently outsells the xbox one in each of them.

Why compare the xbox ones sales to past generations? Did it matter how the original xbox sold in comparison to the atari 2600 or the nes or the master system or the snes or the megadrive or the n64?

If, indeed, any comparisons matter at all it is with its direct competitor the ps4.

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Clown_Syndr0me1592d ago

This site is spammed by boring articles like this...I think Ill come back in a few months when its all blown over, its BORINGGGGG!

BX811592d ago

Notice the dx12 article run it's course so fast mean while this article will chill at the top and the Titanfall not being exclusive will do the same at least for 3 days. Typical n4g

mcarsehat1592d ago

i'd say a few years, it'll last for ages.

Father__Merrin1592d ago

Merrin predicts XBOXONE will lumber itself in trouble unless a more even-steven price footing is found........

console is pretty good, but needs either a cheaper price than PS4 or more value(most gamers dont see kinect as value)i want to see a permanent game bundle plus 1 year of xbox live

just Merrins 2 cents.........

urwifeminder1592d ago

I have never owned the best selling console I tend to not like the most popular consoles never have , N64,Dreamcast,xbox,360 and now xb1 the I guess the C64 was popular but that was a pc so I am happy .

saint_seya1592d ago

I think he is trying to say why he picks x-box one (?).
Then again idk whats the point he tries to make with that..

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