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Battlefield 4 Server rentals Confirmed for Consoles, Coming Soon

Good news for those suffering and having to leave then re join and playing half matches all the time and the occasional full match, and for those who enjoy playing 24/7 on specific maps. (Battlefield 4, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Majin-vegeta  +   227d ago
Paracel storm obliteration 24/7<3
brich233  +   227d ago
What the F u smoking?
Majin-vegeta  +   227d ago
Wtf are you talking about??i love playing obliteration on paracel storm
Idba  +   226d ago
Obliteration on paracel storm is awesome! :-D
Majin-vegeta  +   226d ago
Attaching m2 slams on the front of the jet ski's and just ramming them straight into the enemy ships ;D
Matt666  +   226d ago
No custom servers EA, its just going to get like BF3 where there one map all the time with the max tickets, how boring.
princejb134  +   226d ago
Maybe because people enjoyed those maps more than the others
I do gotta say though bf3 maps are better than bf4 maps
dazzrazz  +   227d ago
Sold the game 0 fuwks given <3
Joey_Leone  +   227d ago
Same here, and everyone i know is selling it too.
Detoxx  +   226d ago
I'm glad you noobs are selling it.
LOL_WUT  +   227d ago
Operation locker 500 tickets servers, yes please!! ;)
BehindGames  +   227d ago
yes i need this
koolaid251  +   227d ago
I need that in my life lol
Bigpappy  +   227d ago
Azure is changing gaming. M$ does it once again with PVZ and Titan Falls. Those games play so smooth it is forcing others to follow or disappoint.
KonsoruMasuta  +   227d ago
Cool, what does that have to do with this article?
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bobtheimpaler  +   227d ago
It's just typical microsoft. They slap a warm and fuzzy name on something that already exists then BAM! PRESTO! Innovation!

Never mind Amazon, Google and Rackspace for having more servers that can do the same thing.
asmith2306  +   227d ago
Oh yes, back to admins booting people for no good reason. Can't wait.
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OmegaShen  +   227d ago
Admin killed you to have you on his team, admin booted you for killing him/being better, admin boot you for using a shotgun (even if his team is using nothing but shotguns).

Had that happen alot on BF3.
Dinkis  +   227d ago
Lol that is so true and annoying
Good-Smurf  +   227d ago
Those restrictions No this and that and admins who think they're gods or something,those fuckers are full of shit!
Wow I can't believe some find this exciting since Killzone Shadow Fall let you do all of this...for FREE.
That's EA for you who knows they might do gun rentals on next Battlefield.
asmith2306  +   226d ago
I actually have SF but haven't played it online yet!
BALLARD32  +   227d ago
4logpc  +   227d ago
Good lord. Seriously, fix the game before you keep releasing DLC and crap like this. Seriously, EA, this is not how you improve your image.
BlingBlaine  +   227d ago
Private servers will actually improve the rubberbanding and lag, considering you can boot the chinese, italians and russians at any time via the admin kick feature, thus creating an american/british or whatever region you want, specific server.

Oh and you better believe the russians chinese and italians are saying the exact same thing about us.

Get it?
asmith2306  +   226d ago
Unfortunately you just get booted for kicking the sh!t out of the admins, regardless of location.
Meatyboy  +   226d ago
Bwaaahhhh!!! Waaaaaa!!!!
Dinkis  +   227d ago
I really likey
JunkyardWillie  +   227d ago
Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! I really don't feel like dealing with butthurt administrators
mydyingparadiselost  +   227d ago
Online is broke? Just charge more for it to work!...........
Akuma07  +   227d ago
I am looking forward to this for one reason.

Better server stability!!!!

The custom servers in BF3 were soooooo much more stable then DICE's own servers.
swishersweets20031  +   227d ago
games broke as hell and people want to give this schmuck of a game company more money?? Gezus f*cking lemming gamers.
sevilha82  +   226d ago
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ninjagoat  +   226d ago
Siege of Shanghai conquest large 3000 tickets sorted.
sevilha82  +   226d ago
Hurray ...I´ve missed being kicked by a 12 old/bro dude admistrator,just because i´m a beter player that him....

I´d rather they just fixed the daaam game.
But alas i´m going to be too busy playing Dark Souls II to think about that,thank GOD... =)
one2thr  +   226d ago
All over again...

itisallaboutps  +   226d ago
Admin mentality..."if you can't beat em, kick em!"
BladerunnerZX  +   226d ago
Wish I had a PS4, Xbox One or at least a good PC to play Battlefield 4 on.

The Xbox360 and PS3 versions of BF4 are not very good.
Sadist3  +   226d ago
This is the worst idea ever. Just like BF3, you'll end up getting kicked because you're too good, or moved to the hosts team, a whole bunch of room with max tickets, or rooms with just three maps. And you guys want to experience that? I'm sorry but if you're looking forward to that, you're just plain retarded.

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