History of Ubisoft Game Reveals: Watch Dogs Is Not The Only Game To Receive Downgrade In Visual

GearNuke: "Recently, the internet was abuzz with talk about Watch Dogs, but most of it was negative. As it turned out, Watch Dogs graphics seem to be severely downgraded compared to its initial reveal back at E3 2012. But this won't be the first Ubisoft game to to do so, as it appears, Ubisoft have pulled this act for other games as well."

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Kingthrash3601656d ago

i'm starting to think that trailer was a 360/ps3 version...jus sayin. but givin the past of ubisoft it can very well be what we fear...huge downgrade though..smh

iTehDroiD1656d ago

Ubisoft is not extremely stupid. Why should they show the weaker version?

Am-No-Hero1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Well .. from waht we did see

I think Ubisoft is " Extremely Stupid "

this is not the first time ... Far Cry = Downgrade .. and many games not just ubisoft

Edit :

Sorry .. Even Naughty Dog .. and what they did with Uncharted .. if u remember

inveni01656d ago

Uncharted looks way better than Watch Dogs.

RumbleFish1656d ago

What's the buzz? R* allways showed bullshots from the PC versions of their games. Even if the PC version did came later. It's a common thing in the industry.
I don't like it too, but it's no surprise.

csreynolds1655d ago

Maybe because Ubisoft needs to promote ALL versions of the game, not just next gen?

Believe it or not, not everyone will be buying this on PS4/XB1/PC...

listenkids1655d ago

Possibly due to it being available on 160 million last gen systems, as opposed to 10 million current. That's about the only reasonable answer, it's likely just a downgrade, but we'll have to wait and see.

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Lior1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

To be fair you get what you pay for with these new consoles, they aren't anything special really compared to the advanced architecture of the ps3 when it first came out, I just hope the pc version will be good, there's no reason to tone anything down for pc is there, if your pc isn't very powerful then you should turn some settings down just like any other game

Visiblemarc1655d ago

This is not a good argument when the game is coming out a few months after an open world console game which looks a lot better, Infamous:SS.

Also, this PC-centric gaming thing is getting so tired. There are so many thing which make PCs and consoles different.

This constant return to PC comparison when talking about consoles is like constantly interupting people who are comparing Mercedes and BMW sedans and shouting "they're both pathetic compared to a Ferarri!"

Honestly, the comparison makes no sense.

starchild1656d ago

And yet Ubisoft games like Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed 4 are some of the best looking games around. Some people just always have to have something to bitch about.

inveni01656d ago

I was very disappointed with the graphics in AC4 after getting it free with my graphics card upgrade. (And yes, it's maxed out.) I feel like FC3 looks better...especially the character models.

Volkama1655d ago

It's also a bit harsh to single out Ubisoft, when just about every publisher out there is guilty of bullshots and bulltrailers.

Business as usual in the gaming industry. Judge the end result.

RE_L_MAYER1655d ago

i think it was a mix of ps3 ps4 pc versions so it doesnt look too good or too bad

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MaxwellBuddha1656d ago

After what they pulled with Far Cry 3, I'm not buying this until I see some PC footage. There's no reason for it NOT to resemble the 2012 E3 reveal considering it had been in development for FOUR YEARS at that point.

DemonChicken1656d ago

touche ... doing the same, I'll happily wait for a sale/bargain bin edition while I clear my huge backlog. For which doesn't seem to be getting smaller thanks to these steam/amazon/gmg/psn sales plus psn+ =p

ITPython1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

What did they do with FC3? I bought the game (PS3 version) 4 months after it released for $32 off Amazon, and the game was great and played very well. I have no complaints about it.

Elem1871656d ago

FC3 looked fantastic, but some things changed from the initial reveal... But those were pretty minor changes. Watch Dogs on PS4 got a significant visual downgrade.

I don't know why people are expecting the PS4 to be a super computer. It's all very low end tech. A tablet CPU (AMD Jaguar 1.6ghz) mated with the Radeon 7850). The GPU was midrange over 2 years ago. These GPU will be in integrated motherboards by the end of the year, that's how low tech they are (the xBone's GPU is already in integrated motherboards)


It's the same trailer on the xbox 360 dashboard, just really hoping they come thru for the next-gen versions. If not, no big deal...I just won't buy it.

AgentSmithPS41656d ago

If it's worth buying I'll buy it, but the price I pay for it depends on the quality of the game, the amount of censorship, etc...

I'm hoping Diablo III finally comes to the PS4 :|, we've waited long enough and that game will help pass the time until these new games prove themselves.

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bub161656d ago

All I read about this game is bad stuff now

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