Watch Dogs Offers Optional Drop-in Multiplayer, Blood, and More

MP1st - On the heels of the release date announcement for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft held a Q&A session for fans covering a few pertinent topics.

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zyphee1622d ago

Nice thinking, but honestly its just a rollercoaster with this game

Sevir1622d ago

The immature vocal minority on Twitter is causing this uproar. The game looks great, which is why I can't wait to get it. The version they demonstrated at E3 last year 'vame from early PS4 code, and now that the game is just 2 and a half months from shipping it looks even smoother. Glad they delayed it.

CapellPro851622d ago

I agree. Can't wait to play this game. Epic.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1622d ago

i can't wait for this game. hope it doesn't let me down

Ravenor1622d ago

How on earth do the two versions look the same? This is another clear case of Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game itself may be better, but from a visual perspective we've been sold a lie. AGAIN.

martinezjesus19931622d ago

Okay, I'm tired of all this complaining!! Guess what, don't buy the game!! No one is forcing you buy it!! Join forces with all the other nitpickers and dont buy the game to show Ubisoft whats what instead of complaining in every post. (Not saying you do in particular) I cant go into post without someone complaining about the graphics.

And I keep seeing that Gif everywhere, yes the graphics look somewhat downgraded but:
1. Its raining on the older version, making the game shinier
2. Different lighting, the helicopter light is shinning directly on the car in the newer one
3. The camara angle is different, due to that, we could see the details on the car better on the older version.

starchild1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Exactly. The gif I see going around that is used as the main evidence of a downgrade is a stupid comparison for several reasons.

The lighting and weather conditions are completely different. And the bridge is highlighted or lit up as a hackable object in the new trailer. I think highlighting like that is a stupid technique in games, but it is NOT evidence of a downgrade.

A lot of gamers are not knowledgeable or observant enough to understand what they are seeing.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1622d ago

What you said was completely asinine. The E3 PS4 footage and the new trailer look completely different. Open up your eyes. Because if you don't devs will get away with this stuff more and more.

AgentSmithPS41622d ago

I'm glad they delayed it, I've had enough of unfinished games like dice's BF4.

I will wait for reviews, videos, etc though.

Briiiiiiiiiiiian1622d ago

From June last year

From 3 days ago

You honestly believe the latest footage looks better?

It looks like a pretty ps3 game. Nothing like the footage the used to hype the next-gen and sell millions of consoles.
It's deplorable.

heisenberguk1622d ago

Haha The new footage has been flagged as inappropriate by a load of people!

Sevir1622d ago

Actually what you proved was that the game looks far more polished now than then... if you're going to make comparisons at least find something with a higher bit rate... The feed you linked for E3 2013 was in GLORIOUS 720p and highly compressed!

Like i said... belly aching for nothing!

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foie1622d ago

Wow, I need to hear more about the multiplayer. I had doubts about buying into a single-player experience (personal taste), but this will probably sway me.

EjWarrior1622d ago

I love all these fanboy-isms making remarks about how a game looks and plays even though they have never played it.