Nintendo's Plan to Quietly Kill the Wii U

GS:The Wii U is performing dismally at retail. It's the depressing reality in which we live, and one that has caused us to think up ways to improve the console's fate. What if Nintendo no longer bundled it with the expensive GamePad? Or partnered with outside studios willing to create exclusive games for the Wii U? Then maybe the system wouldn't lag so far behind its competitors. Though such moves might help Nintendo in the short term, they would be mere Band-Aids on an open wound. The Wii U is in a dire situation. I believe Nintendo has reconciled itself to that fact, and has already planned a way to bail from this sinking ship

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SardoNumspa1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

The Wii U is outselling the XB1 in worldwide sales. And the XB1's 3.3 million or so installed base is going to have trouble reaching 5 million sold by the end of 2014 - let alone reach the Wii U's installed base numbers anytime soon.

The Wii U is due for a price cut and the major Nintendo franchises are finally starting to arrive on the system. 200-250 dollar Wii U along with 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Smash, and a new Zelda will fly off the shelves. Not PS4 level sales but a comfortable second place for Nintendo this gen.

The Wii U is becoming console gamer's second console this gen.

Although, the third party ports situation for the Wii U isn't going to get better. But that really won't matter since everyone will be playing those games on their PS4s.

LOL_WUT1618d ago

Your trying to make it seem like the WiiU was just released. The fact still stands though the X1 manage to take up more than half of the wiiu's total sales in less than 4 months something that the WiiU struggled to pull off in a whole year coupled with a price cut. ;)

SardoNumspa1618d ago

The XB1 is selling at 170-180k a month worldwide right now. The XB1 isn't getting close to Wii U installed base numbers for a very long time. And obviously it never will with the Wii U outselling it and widening the installed base gap.

crusf1618d ago

Wow LOL_WUT you sure are determined to see Nintendo fail you comment negatively on every non-positive Nintendo article I visit.

Realplaya1618d ago

Well If the Wii U came out the same time it would still have 6 million sold. So a year head start doesn't mean squat because 6 million people wanted the system regardless of what year it came out. Plus LOL the system is due for better games starting in may.

Mikefizzled1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

The flagship for Xbox sales is yet to dock in the form of Halo whereas most of the heavy hitters for Nintendo have already landed. Only really Mario Kart, Smash and Zelda this gen without going through the list again. Wii U's short term outlook is better than its given credit for but the longevity of the console remains to be seem.

light691618d ago

It's funny how you think you've said something smart but that's obviously not the case xD your argument wont stand if by the next year the X1 is still below the Wii U because that would equalize with the year that the WiiU has sooooo.. yeah ;)

Concertoine1618d ago

actually the wii u wasn't far behind where the xbox one is at the same point in its lifetime. the wii u had 3.45 million sold by it's first fiscal year, the xbox one is looking to have a little under 4 if not less.

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Parapraxis1618d ago

"the XB1's 3.3 million or so installed base is going to have trouble reaching 5 million sold by the end of 2014"
You are nuts.

Ashunderfire861618d ago


Sorry to break it to you man, but the Wii U is going to be more of an after thought. They had a year head start struggling with a drought of no games, yet you comparing a one year old system to a 4 month old system, that barely hit a year. Xbox One will be in second place over the Wii U, so Zelda and Mario can't even hold a candle to what Microsoft is cooking for E3. The game changer that is set to wow fans. It would be like what developers from Ready at Dawn said, "It would be hard to go back to last gen."

Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, a shit ton of reboots, sequels, and new Ips all that good stuff. Nintendo needs to add Twitch/Ustream to their system. Nintendo is missing that social part of gaming, the broadcasting that just goes on people now. For the first time you can actually see your friends from your friend list live! Xbox One is about to experience that with Titanfall. The Wii U will continue to get gimped versions of multiplatform games, and don't act like you don't care about it. Cause The Wii U will never see the next GTA, Red Dead, Fallout 4, Mirror Edge 2, and many more.

I look at the Wii U as a secondary console for the bigger consoles.

light691618d ago

Lmao I laugh at seeing you try xD

kwandar1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

If Wii U is left out of the multi-platform, in all seriousness, I'm more likely to go Steambox as a "bigger console".

If not Steambox, it would be PS4. I can't think of a good reason to go to Xbox1 instead, can you? Any worthwhile multi-platform will hit PS4. Xbox1 doesn't have that many exclusives.

That is why, even as a secondary console, Wii U will likely have a far larger install base than Xbox1

Tedakin1618d ago

If the rumors are true about how much of an impact Titanfall is making in sales, Xbox One may pass 5 million next week.

Hicken1618d ago

Those "rumors" were based on sales spikes relative to new Titanfall information since launch. NOT a million sales at the game's release.

IPLAY21618d ago

LOL, no it will not. It is not going to sell 2 million units in a week, When it has been selling under 200.000 per week.

elninels1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I have been heavily considering a wii u purchase to accompany my ps4.

By the way you forgot about monolith's X, Hyrule Warriors, bayonetta 2, project cars (not exclusive but good to see it available on the system) and hulbreach's space mmo project.

They could still pull a star fox, metroid,or even

I probably forgot even more games for it.

DualWielding1618d ago

to be fair I think one of the main reasons the Xbox is not selling is because some of the most hardcore xbox fans fear that a kinect less 399.99 sku could be announced the next day and then they would feel like suckers for having paid $100.00 for something they do not want....... Microsoft can deny that they'll drop the Kinect all they want but after the 180 nobody would believe them... I'm pretty sure if they offered a $399.99 kinectless bundle they'll surpass Wii U sales in less than a month (although they'll probably still a few hundred thousand behind PS4)

Now Xbox sales have nothing to do with what you are saying

You are saying Wii U is gamers second platform of choice, and thats the case because XBONE and PS4 are more similar to each other so if you have one of those you are better of getting a Wii U as a second console than other of the primary consoles.....That's sort of true... However, you also have to consider the 3DS and the Vita, I would say those two are much more desirable second consoles for someone that already own an Xbone or PS4 than the Wii U, so the Wii U may be the third or even fourth console of choice for many gamers and its price is just to high for something so low in the scale of priority

GordonKnight1618d ago

I got my Wii U before my PS4 & Xbox One.

Sarcasm1618d ago

Uhh... While I'm not saying the Xbox One is a hot seller or anything, but to say it's not going to hit 5 million in the next 9 months is down right silly.

GordonKnight1617d ago

Anything is possible, but with the PS4 it's more than likely. I'm just glad Nintendo isn't competing with Sony. MS should have stuck with their original vision for the X1.

I got my X1 for Halo & Titanfall. Hopefully there will be a lot more exclusive games that interest me.

saywat2471618d ago

is the PS4 just too good to be mentioned once in your comment ?? :P PS4 FTW

SilentNegotiator1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

"The Wii U is outselling the XB1 in worldwide sales"

Xbone is stomping Wii U every month. It sells about 10K more than Wii U every WEEK. Are Nintendo fanboys really going to be next in ignoring the fact that a system launched a year before another one?

At the current rate, Xbone will have absolutely zero trouble reaching 5 million within the year and it won't be long before it passes up Wii U.

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BoneBone1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Yep, Nintendo's plan to kill the Wii U off is to release games for it.

The hell are they smokin' at GameSpot. These guys aren't one of the biggest joke s on the internet for nothing. I think this guy must hear voices in his head if he thinks this:

"I believe Nintendo has reconciled itself to that fact, and has already planned a way to bail from this sinking ship".

Lay off the hallucinogenic mushrooms and Sci-Fi box sets on Netflix.

It seems like pure abuse of his position at GameSpot that he's been given a greenlight to post such completely unfactually based rubbish whilst not even attempting to look at the facts available on Nintendo's plans for the Wii U and QOL.

Nintendo clearly say QOL will be separate from the console business... but this guy either doesn't know that (what a great journalist) or even worse, decided to conveniently forget that.

And with that fact alone, this rubbish can be flushed stright down the toilet.

Vegamyster1618d ago

I like this one lol.

"Nintendo's Plan to Quietly Kill the Wii U"

"No one knows what to make of Nintendo's proposed QOL initiative, partly because we know almost nothing about it."

11eleven111618d ago

For what is known QOL could be a WiiU in a different package.

thezeldadoth1618d ago

devs "sprinting away" from wii u. what a terrible writer, poor argument, horrible article, and pathetic website in general.

Mr_Writer851618d ago

Yeah because the WiiU has loads of support doesn't it......

Oh wait....

Dudebro901618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever read.

they are making a new Zelda, Mario kart, and smash bros for a system they are killing....sounds legit.

read this instead, much better.

ATS_19921618d ago

Another wii u is doomed article along with another xbox one is doomed article that just got posted. How many of these are you guys going to post a day? Its starting to get really ridiculous.

Dudebro901618d ago

The one article that calls out the idiots that say these things gets no attraction today. N4G needs some quality control.

BattleN1618d ago

This guy should be in charge of N4g

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