The top 10 PS/PS2 games that need HD treatment on PlayStation Now

Ever wish you could play all those fantastic retro games but you don’t have the relevant consoles anymore?

All those fantastic memories, hidden away, wall behind wall; and even if you do have your old consoles in the attic you still need to get them out of their boxes, make room in your entertainment system, potentially re-wire everything?

Doesn’t that all sound a little… tired?

Well, it looks like Sony could be just about to answer your wildest dreams with backwards compatibility on PlayStation Now…

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badboy7761658d ago

Games like
NBA Street
Def Jam New york

Need HD remakes with online.

thorstein1658d ago

Dragon Quest VIII would be a lovely addition. Would grab it up in a minute!

Melankolis1658d ago

Absolutely agree with you, but i prefer the physical disc when it comes to something for collection.

showtimefolks1658d ago

Grand Theft Auto complete HD collection. GTA3,VC,SA and the 2 PSP games

Legacy of Kain Series
syphon filter

C-H-E-F1658d ago

Syphon Filter needs a fresh reboot... I swear that was my favorite game back then... Actually that's the only ps1 game(s) I still have in it's original case tucked away in my closet in my box labeled Syphon Filter hehe double disc beast she is :D... oh yeah she is... lOl sheeeesh SONY is this the game you've been hiding away to announce?? lOl

TooHigh2Die1657d ago

Number one on almost every oldschool gamers list would be FF7 hands down and since FF10/10x2 just got remade why not remake 12 while their at it. Than I would choose GTA Vice City and San Andreas and of coarse Metal Gear Solid. Man those were the days...

Chaos_Raiden1658d ago

Dragon Quest VIII
Rogue Legacy
Mega Man Legends
Mega Man Legends 2
Legacy of Kain: Defiance
Resident Evil 2
Dark Cloud 2
Ys: The Ark of Napishtim

RebelWAC1658d ago

Love your list but let me add..
The Warriors
Resident Evil Outbreak
Twisted Metal
Syphon Filter
Suikoden series


Minato-Namikaze1658d ago

Let me add:

Onimusha Series
Rouge Galaxy

PoSTedUP1658d ago

Chrono Cross
Crash Bandicoot 3

iceman061658d ago

Of that list, I'd take The Warriors. I absolutely LOVED that game. I think people, in general, slept on that one. Also, just give me a new Syphon Filter already. The rest are great too!

mcarsehat1658d ago

syphon filter and medievil!

nerdman671658d ago

Just rerelease them, no need to put them only on playstation now.

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The story is too old to be commented.