Coolest Video Game Villains

We could have filled this entire list with almost every boss from the Metal Gear Solid games, Kojima knows his stuff! We tried not to pick too many from Metal Gear Solid so lets just say now that EVERY MGS villain was cool because they nearly all were. So go and enjoy the list below and notice the trend that nearly all the cool villains are from Japanese developers.

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Godmars2901658d ago

Not enough room? Too Metal Gear baddies already hogging up the list?

CARROT1809941658d ago

psycho mantis is THE metal gear boss tho. definitely cooler then young ocelot.

kratoz12091658d ago

Organization 13
Psycho Mantis
Liquid Snake

ironfist921658d ago

Handsome Jack

basically anyone who's lovably psychotic.

Godmars2901658d ago

"Lovably" psychotic?

No. No...