War Thunder is preparing to take flight on PS4 in early 2014 in North America

"We received word directly from Gaijin Entertainment that their WWII massively multiplayer online war game aptly titled War Thunder is getting closer to an “early 2014″ release in the “US market” on PlayStation 4. Currently, the are preparing a massive update to the closed beta in version 1.39."

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1662d ago

ehhhh for some reason Free to play games don't get my attention for to long i get bored of them way to quick.. i won't be downloading this..

i tried Warframe, backlight, DC universe all were boring

GarrusVakarian1662d ago

You shouldn't dismiss a game based on past experiences of games that aren't even remotely in the same genre. If you like planes...then i say give this a go. It's pretty fun.

iceman061661d ago

Exactly! I never understand the backlash against F2P (I mean aside from some insidious pricing structures out there). They are simply games like any other. Most of them have similar quality to their "paid" counterparts. They just happen to have pricing attached. Now, if it IS the pricing structures that keep you out, that is completely understandable. But, just because a game is F2P, it doesn't somehow mean it's of lesser quality or...even better...less FUN.

LexHazard791661d ago

You can always wait for Crimson Skies! Gotta say tho this game looks bad ass tho I wont be downloading either since I have no PS4! And I hate free to play as they always want $$ or you have to play like a million times just to get enough points to buy something! Hate that shit!

stavrami1661d ago

i got 3 mates with ps4's we all had this and all of us deleted it none of us done more than 3hrs on it

thejigisup1661d ago

Typical. 3 hours isn't enough for a game like this to really shine. The controls are superb. The game options and styles of play are plentiful. If you like arcade style it's there, you like flight sims they got you. This game has a lot of depth, a ton to upgrade and its being updated constantly. I've put dozens of hours into this game, I'm now just waiting for the NA release.

stavrami1661d ago

typical is not a word i would use i played birds of steel it's predecessor for hrs and loved it … f2p games are all exactly the same and 10 mins on any f2p title is 10mins to bloody long

malokevi1661d ago

Warthunder is the best f2p game on Ps4 at the moment, imo. Much better then Warframe, Blacklight and DC Universe. Plus the price is right. I'm already playing it, but looking forward to the NA release so that I can buy some gold/rp.

3-4-51661d ago

Warthunder is awesome. Actually just got done playing it on PC and about to some more.

I'm about to get a PS4 so having this on there is pretty huge for me.

* High Quality game with tons of content. Enough to last you more than a year.

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GusHasGas1662d ago

When I think early 2014, I think January, February, March, and April (maybe May).
So this game HAS to be available sometime soon...

Hicken1662d ago

Yeah, I was just thinking that "early" is almost over.

iceman061661d ago

You mean they're late on early!?!? LOL Was thinking the same as BOTH of you!

Tempest3171661d ago

I downloaded the uk version of this when it dropped, and I absolutely loved it until the 1.37 update...pre 1.37 the game ran 50-60 fps in combat, but then they locked it to 30 for 1.37...made it much more difficult to aim with a mouse. I hope they unlock it again, because this was my most played ps4 game pre 1.37

AnEwGuY1661d ago

We're already 1/4 of the way through the last month of the 1st 1/ it's not coming "early 2014".

Iceman X1661d ago

They are beta testing Tanks atm for War Thunder and then boats will be next.Check out tank gameplay from beta.

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