Dream Telltale games

Telltale are on a roll, a serious roll, in the space of a year they have gone from making some of the worst games of the years *cough* Jurassic Park: The Game *cough* *cough* to the best game we played last year “The Walking Dead”, also with the Wolf Among Us starting pretty strong and both a “Borderlands” game and a “Game of Thrones” game in the pipeline it seems IP owner recognize their potential.

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THC CELL1589d ago

They should make Grimm the game.

Chapter111589d ago

I'd like to see what they can come up with their own original IP.

CJDJ1589d ago

They have some other great games... Sam & Max series, Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, Strongbad... even the Wallace & Grommit series was fun... That craptacular JP game was a hiccup in their line of great games.