Skewed and Reviewed: Say COD: Ghosts Onslaught Pack Is a Much Need Boost In Their Review

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a review for the first DLC content for Call of Duty:Ghosts. They praise the new maps as well as the fun and creative gameplay they offer as well as thew new weapons and Extinction episodes.

They say that while issues remain with the game, Onslaught at least restores the missing fun in the online play.

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thorstein1380d ago

Was this translated through Google Translate? I could barely get through a paragraph without seeing multiple spelling errors.

Garethvk1380d ago

I saw two minor ones and a grammar agreement but they have been fixed. Not that big a deal I see worse every day on CNN.

thorstein1380d ago

Lulz! It's like an entirely different article! Much nicer. Thanks!

Garethvk1380d ago

No problem, It was written on a laptop that does not have Office an the spell check at times misses some but thankfully you saw it as well while we were proofing.

ElementX1380d ago

I really don't like the new maps.

What I do want is to be able to buy that triangular reticule you can only get via clans. I have no interest in clans but some of those reticules and stuff look cool.

Garethvk1380d ago

What did you not like about them? I am just curious as for me, the new ones were better than many it shipped with and not so much a redress of old maps which can be common in the DLC.

ElementX1379d ago

Maybe I haven't given them enough time, I'm not really sure.

Garethvk1379d ago

I love the charm of Bayview as it is a run and gun dream and lots of character in the map as well as fun. Fog was a pain at first as it was all campers but once I got used to it, I have done better, and the Myers twist is fun.

Ignition is pure carnage when you get going, and the other does allow some great close quarters battles if you get them right. You can get 2-3 enemies bunched in some areas and if you get the drop on them, kill streak rewards fly. I called in a mortar strike the other day after a rewards crate. Loved it, 8 gone in one salvo.