Wii U Can't Handle EA Sports UFC, PC Port Possible

GR said, "The first UFC game coming out of EA Sports won't make it to the Wii U, but a PC version is possible."

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NYC_Gamer1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

EA aren't fans of Wii U and they won't port over a game they feel would underperform sales wise

SpiralTear1656d ago

Pretty much, yeah. It's just about not having an install base with an avid fanbase of EA's most popular series. That's what EA's really arguing.

SilentNegotiator1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

It's definitely about projected sales; there's nothing technically complex about a UFC game. Even if they had to tone down textures, that would have been a simple task.

"Wii U isn't an environment where third parties tend to succeed and we wouldn't expect a strong return from bringing the game to it"
...would that have been so hard to say?

bigfish1656d ago

I doubt it if WiiU could even handle The Last of Us or Uncharted 3..... anyone else think that?

LOL_WUT1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

If it can't handle a simple UFC game from EA how can it possibly handle a technical and demanding game like uncharted ;)

Edit: let alone the last of us

AngelicIceDiamond1656d ago

@Big Probably, but that's like saying PS3 or 4 couldn't handle Tropical Freeze, Super Mario Bro's U , Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash U because it takes advantage of the Wii U's very specific gamepad and features.

AngelicIceDiamond1656d ago

@WUT I doubt its a "simple UFC game" Its next gen only and doing next gen things.

tigertron1656d ago

It would be more like 'The Half of Us'.

Yeah, I'll get my coat.

Up_N_U1656d ago

lol hell my super Nintendo can run last of us. lol sony fanboy at its best

allgamespc20121656d ago

good god man, another fanboy. of course it can, if you are still debating that the wii u is less powerful than a ps3 and xbox 360 then you are a braindead fanboy. jesus, when is this ignorance gonna stop.

ps3 cant even run bayonetta at 30fps. man, some people just have no idea about this industry and love to just talk crap all day.

1656d ago
DC7771656d ago

Watch "The Last of Us - Wii U Edition" on YouTube

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TheTwelve1656d ago

EA's distaste of Nintendo is painfully obvious. This is bull.

lizard812881656d ago

Agreed. The Wii got EA support with their sports games, but now all of the sudden Wiiu can't run anything.

EA lies a whole lot. When the Wiiu first was announced they said they had frostbite working on the wiiu, and one of those battlefield games. After Nintendo said no to Origins, all of the sudden frostbite no longer works on the wiiu and the wiiu is a piece of garbage....sure EA.

One on hand, I don't like EA, but on the other, they are a major publisher not supporting the wiiu, which is bad. I guess either way is a lose - lose for the Wiiu.

wonderfulmonkeyman1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Well, the port likely wouldn't be done right anyways, if EA's track record is anything to go by, so I don't see how this game skipping the Wii U matters.
Bad ports have done more harm than good to the Wii U thus far.
The fewer bad ports there are, going forward, from people that have either given up on the system before they even began, or never figured out how to make a good port even after trying, the better off the Wii U's reputation will be, in the long run.

It sounds harsh, but it's the truth; the Wii U's future cannot rely on third party ports.
We've seen the results and have found third party port efforts extremely lacking.

It's time for Nintendo to turn to smaller third parties for exclusives, and to help cultivate indie developers into bigger teams for future consideration as big partners for bigger games.

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hduce1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Even if the Wii U could handle a port of the UFC game they still wouldn't have brought it over. Don't give me that bs that the game is too next gen. They could have scaled the game down to get it on the Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360. This is the same company that said NBA Live 14 couldn't run on anything but the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and there is nothing that screams next gen about that game.

Dead_Cell1657d ago

Not much about the Wii U that screams Next Gen either.

wonderfulmonkeyman1656d ago

Generations are defined by sequence, not looks or specs.

avengers19781656d ago

I'm not defending EA, in fact I think they just dislike Nintendo in General...
That being said I think if devs are going to make next gen games they should focus on that, sure games can be "scaled back" to be on PS3, XB360, and WiiU(that is next gen, next gen Nintendo, and let's see they could still be number 2 this gen)but then they have to split there efforts and then both versions will suffer. Any dev should make the best game they can with the tools they have, and when they decide to make cross gen games, they decide to make two versions of an inferior game... When they could have made one version of a superior game. Even if they just focused on last gen(PS3/XB360, both still great systems to own)they would make better games.


zalanis1657d ago

funny how they say a PC port is possible. wonder what they mean by that. they cant seriously be implying that, MAYBE, OR PERHAPS a PC might handle it. MY PC is more than capable of playing any game on xbone/ps4 with much better setting/graphics/anything.hope they specify what they were reffering to.

wannabe gamer1657d ago

i think it goes without saying PC can handle it and they are that dumb to even imply it. so it also goes without saying that they meant they might possibly do a port

Dead_Cell1657d ago

It's pretty obvious what they were referring to, you just wanted to take the opportunity to brag about your PC.

ramiuk11656d ago

yep typical PC douchbag.
PC is way better,the only way to game,cheaper in long run blah blah blah.

herbs1656d ago

Ramiuki how is someone being a duesch for informing people that gaming is better and cheaper on PC. Sony Ponies constantly rip on Xbone for having lower resolutions as if graphics are the most important thing, then a PC guy is like well it runs even better on my machine and I bought the game for half the price, Sony ponies proceed to call him a duesch. The Sony Pony is by far the worst kind of fanboy and the biggest hypocrites.

allgamespc20121656d ago

you neve rknow man, the reason they didnt bring fifa 14 with ignite to PC was cause according to EA not enough people have high end pcs to run it, yet bf3 sells millions of copies and it uses a much more powerful engine. EA is just stupid.

wannabe gamer1657d ago

I;d love to have this come to PC. PC needs more fighting games in general and it REALLY needs an MMA or even a boxing game with some realism to it. as it is now we have SF4, SFxTekken, Mortal kombat, Injustice which to me is the better of them all on PC and then there are the others i dont care for at that are more cartoony and just not my style.

I played UFC on console like mad and EA MMA was the best of them all i thought till it got nerfed into death from all the whiners complaining on the forums. seriously the game got nerfed so bad it just died and the complainers killed it

SteamPowered1656d ago

People say EA doesn't like Wii u, but the PC misses out on quite a few games. Which is too bad because you're right, there isn't much choice right now on pc.

Imonaboat11657d ago

The game is only coming to current gen consoles ... Please people when will you understand that the Wii u is a last gen hardware

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