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gamrReview's Gordon Bryant: "Overall, although a solidly good game, the pedigree of those behind its creation and the precedent set by previous games makes Tropical Freeze more than a little disappointing."

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Tiqila1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

7.4 seems harsh for the best platformer ever created since mario 64.
Anyway, I will first read the review and then come back and judge it. Why in this order? Because I was playing DKC:TF the whole day and it is amazing.

EDIT: I agree with the loading times as a negative, though they are still ok. All other negatives the author mentions I can't follow, e.g.:

"I imagine one of the key reasons Tropical Freeze is shorter than Returns is because of how much effort has been put into the graphics and sound; it is the first Donkey Kong Country game to be on an HD console after all. If that is the case then the extra detail added to each individual strand of fur has come at the expense of more original worlds and level design."

dafuq you talking about? Level design is the best thing about DKC:TF, never had so much fun in ages. DKC:returns was not half as fun and full of crazyness as Tropical freeze is.

Sorry you are frustrated because the game is too hard, it really is. But it is fair, just needed 30 lives for a single level... who cares, was great fun. All levels have an insane amount of replay value, and it is actually challenging to get thos KONG-letters and puzzle pieces, find all secret passages and so on.

Multiplayer I can't judge, but it is not really essential to the Tropical Freeze experience.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the bosses. Perfection! Nuf said!

NukaCola1660d ago

Woah. Best?

Galaxy and Rayman have a bone to pick. :)

Adolph Fitler1659d ago

"7.4 seems harsh for the best platformer ever created since mario 64."

Please NEVER mention Tropical Freeze in the same sentence as Mario64....A 2D platformer that is easily bested by Ubisofts efforts, is no match for a fully fledged 3D platformer.....I'm sorry, but Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Mario Galaxy, are the best platformers to come since Mario64. DK: Tropical Freeze has faults which the review stipulates.....just because your fanboy goggles fail to acknowledge those faults, doesn't mean EVERYONE with an opinion that contrasts yours, scores the game down for being too hard. Demons Souls & Dark Souls are notoriously hard, yet they were not judged harshly for being so, as none of it was cheap deaths, & all was deemed to be player fault, rather than the game dealing out cheap deaths for the sake of it...DK:TF has had many reviews which have stated that it does use that cheap death type tactic. So, it seems the game has it's fair share of problems, & although is a fun game, is FAAAR from perfect.

REDBEARD1659d ago

There is no ''cheap deaths'' in DKCTF, though. If you die, it is most likely your fault. Only a small number of critics have given this game an okay score so ''many'' is a poor choice of words on your part. How about play the game before you judge it solely on a few reviews that said ''cheap deaths'' is a tactic in this game?